A former cattle market gets a sustainable overhaul with Selectaglaze secondary glazing

William Julian Courtauld paid the princely sum of £50,000 to give Braintree its own Town Hall. The first stone was laid in 1926 and it has been in constant use since its construction.

Braintree Town Hall, Grade II Listed, was faced with the task of making its building more energy efficient. Selectaglaze was approached to address issues with the windows, which allowed cold air in and heat to escape.

A meeting was arranged with Braintree Town Hall and the local Conservation Officer, where an aluminium sample from Selectaglaze was set up next to one of the windows. Those in attendance were surprised at how well the timber grain effect blended in with the wood panelling of the room.

After a successful demonstration, Selectaglaze installed 20 vertical sliding units. All products were finished with a timber grain effect that matched perfectly with the interior.

The installation of secondary glazing radically reduces heat loss and all units are bespoke to achieve airtightness which virtually eradicates draughts. An additional benefit of installing secondary glazing was the reduction of outside noise.

“The Council researched a modern secondary glazing system that would complement the oak panelled interior of the Town Hall. A colour matched oak print with raised wood grain has been applied to the visible parts of the aluminium frame achieving an exact match to the existing oak surround.

“The estimated savings from installing secondary glazing in the Town Hall is at least 12% of the combined heating bill, over £400pa at current prices, which are predicted to increase annually.” Said Councillor Robert Mitchell, Deputy Cabinet Member for Environment and Place.

Royal Warrant Holder since 2004; Selectaglaze has 50 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and installing secondary glazing for all building types from new buildings to Listed town halls. Selectaglaze offers a free technical advisory service along with RIBA approved CPDs.

Contact Selectaglaze on 01727 837271 Email: enquiries@selectaglaze.co.uk or visit: www.selectaglaze.co.uk

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