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Did you know that lighting consumes approximately 20% of all the electricity in the world, 30% of electricity in commercial spaces and 40% of electricity in office buildings worldwide?

Energy efficiency is a hot topic when talking about lighting. How can I save more energy? How can I become more sustainable and last but not least; how can I save money?

Today many companies are using old lighting installations which contributes to far too high energy- and maintenance costs. Aura Light offers products with a lifetime that’s up to four times compared with a standard lamp which means that the raw material, packages and transports will be minimized. The energy-saving lighting solutions help customers to save up to 80% of the electricity they use for lighting. This means that it’s possible to reduce the maintenance and energy cost at the same time as contributing to a sustainable development.

With light sources, luminaires and lighting controls, Aura Light have the total lighting solution for your application. Aura Light delivers sustainable lighting to schools and hospitals, offices and industries, streets and highways and even to offshore rigs. The solutions are backed by a solid guarantee. So solid, that our customers give us repeat business again and again.

Light Management System

To achieve even more energy efficiency it’s possible to use Light Management Systems that controls the lighting. Lighting control opens up many possibilities when it comes to maximizing the energy savings. It makes it possible to control when and how much light you need. In fact, lighting control can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. Aura Light has recently launched a whole series of sensors called Aura IQ sensors. With Aura IQ sensors you will be able to save both energy and money. With a typical payback time of 1-2 years you can be sure of getting your money back fast, and you never have to remember the switch again.

“We advocate modularity for sustainability, which means you don’t need to change the whole luminaire when the light source needs to be replaced, which is the case for many LED solutions today.”

 Modularity for sustainability

LED is a technology that’s growing fast and has many advantages, it has for example potential for long lifetime and energy-savings. Unfortunately there are also also some problems with LED. One problem with this technology is that when the lifetime of the light source has ended the whole luminaire usually is thrown away. At Aura Light we believe that this is the wrong way of thinking. We advocate modularity for sustainability, which means you don’t need to change the whole luminaire when the light source needs to be replaced. In fact we are pioneers in modular LED technology. Another problem with LED is that the quality on the market has in the early stages of development been poor. The LED market for lighting has attracted many new players and poor products means a lot of replacements, which is not sustainable. At Aura Light we think that quality is the key to success.

 LED technology

Two examples of our modular LED solutions are Aura UltiLED Long Life and Aura CompoLED Long Life.

Aura UltiLED Long Life is Aura Light’s own developed LED light source based on the modular technology. It’s a high lumen LED light source that delivers excellent energy efficiency, high quality of light, and has a lifetime of 58,000 hours. It is not a retrofit LED tube, but a new type of LED light source for new LED luminaires and solutions. Aura UltiLED Long Life gives you all the benefits of LED lighting today, while ensuring that you can easily upgrade your lighting installation as LED technology develops, without replacing the entire LED luminaire.

Aura CompoLED Long Life is a LED light source developed to replace traditional Compact Fluorescent Lamps and is ideal for offices, retail, public areas, hotels, restaurants and museums and is equipped with a unique QuickChange™ easy mounting system, which makes it easier, faster and more cost efficient to change the LED light source.


For Aura Light sustainability comes natural. Instead of feeling resignation we believe in being part of the solution. That is why we focus on delivering sustainable products and solutions to help our customers become more sustainable. With our energysaving lighting solutions we are helping our customers all over the world to save energy and unnecessary costs.

Rent Your Lighting

Aura Light is and always has been an industry challenger. We have now joined forces with some of Europe’s leading banks, insurance and legal companies in order to offer you a new way to enlighten your installation. Aura Light offers Lighting as a Service which means you eliminate the initial investment and reduce your energy cost from day one. A full performance guarantee for a total of 5 years and beyond is included in this offer so there is no risk involved. All you need to do is contact an Aura Light lighting expert to get more information. We will then come up with a tailored solution for your installation.


 About Aura Light

Aura Light is a lighting company that designs and supplies sustainable lighting solutions to professional customers, enabling them to reduce cost, energy consumption and environmental impact. The Head Office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Aura Light subsidiaries and distributors sell lighting solutions all over the world and the customers are primarily found in industry, retail and public sector. Aura Light has about 270 employees and a turnover of approximately 70 million Euros. Read more at

This article appeared as the cover story for the March 2015 issue of Building & Facilities Management.


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