Beva choose iP24’s Remserv remote CCTV maintenance solution

8010-1Beva Investments Ltd, a property development and investment company with a UK portfolio that includes industrial units, offices, and manufacturing and distribution premises across the NW of England, has chosen iP24 Ltd’s innovative Remserv remote CCTV diagnostic & maintenance solution to protect its sites.

8010-3With a client list that includes some of the UK’s most recognizable brands, Beva Investments’ properties are available for sale or let, or for property investment purposes.

Multi-site security

As part of its facilities management package, Beva also provides ‘out-of-hours’ security monitoring for clients who either rent or purchase property. With a large and diverse property portfolio, providing effective security at each site presents a significant challenge. Fulfilling this challenge, Beva employ a network of CCTV cameras installed at 12 of their largest sites, where camera surveillance covers site access, fence line perimeters and common traffic areas. Other integrated security facilities include access control to site entry/exit points, perimeter fencing and external motion sensor detection linked to alarm triggers.

David Cheetham, Project Manager at Beva Investments Ltd explains: “All CCTV  images and alarms are transmitted to our own dedicated monitoring centre at Rochdale. Beva’s own security staff monitor CCTV images and any alarms that may be triggered, and if required issue PA warning announcements to a location should any non-authorised persons be detected.”

“We can also manage the security of non-Beva owned sites, providing clients with our management expertise and support. For example, we may sell a site to an existing tenant but continue the relationship by managing their privately owned site, monitoring and maintaining their CCTV, fencing and access control etc.

“Typically, the kind of incidents we deal with are quite varied, from damage to parked cars, unauthorized site access, to missing door-step milk deliveries! Additionally, not only can I select and view all sites on my desktop PC, but when I’m out of the office, I can also view them on a mobile device, ensuring I have constant contact with any eventuality.”

“As we are responsible for security across the property portfolio and employ a broad spectrum of security technologies, we opted for iP24’s Remserv solution to provide us with ‘real-time’ assurance that our systems are always performing at 100%. The last thing anyone wants is to find out is that there’s no post incident CCTV footage available to view due to a previously undetected system issue”

iP24’s innovative Remserv remote CCTV diagnostic solution constantly monitors the operation and maintenance status of each of Beva’s CCTV systems, every second of every day, instantly highlighting any system faults or equipment tampering. Remserv ensures ultimate peace-of-mind for David, constantly monitoring all aspects of each sites’ CCTV and peripheral systems functionality, including access control, entrance gates, fence lines and motion detectors. Additionally, David’s level of day-to-day security systems management has been dramatically reduced, freeing-up more of his time to dedicate it to other areas of his busy project management role.

System status reports

Supporting Remserv diagnostic reporting, iP24 provide comprehensive security systems maintenance, maintaining all equipment to manufacturers specifications and responding the same day to any alerts produced by the Remserv system.

In the event of a systems problem, Remserve remote diagnostics generates an instant email to iP24. Using the Remserv remote diagnostic report information allows iP24 to identify the precise nature of an issue and either remotely fix the problem via software interaction, or dispatch a technician to site the same day with the correct replacement components – enabling an efficient ‘one visit fix’ of the problem.

“Not just camera component failures, Remserv’s reports can even detect and display a drop in hard-drive performance and alert us to a possible future drive failure – before it’s even happened!” adds David.

Effective management

The Remserv solution also automatically emails a Daily Status report to David, providing him with vital equipment status information about each of Beva’s security systems and their associated maintenance, along with fully auditable management reports.

Helping further with his effective use of management time, David has the option to view a Remserv systems ‘Exceptions’ report, which details only the issues that require his attention. “If I need a quick reassurance that our systems are functioning correctly, this feature gives me an instant status report on critical issues, without the need to scan a comprehensive fully detailed report,” continues David. “The same reports I receive are also sent to iP24 engineers, so they are usually aware of any issues before I am, meaning a repair strategy has already swung into operation before the system or site security can be compromised by malfunctioning hardware – that’s a great reassurance.”

“iP24’s Remserv offers fantastic return on investment by ensuring the security systems we have invested significant amounts of money into are always working to their maximum potential – whilst freeing-up valuable management time for me and the rest of the team.”

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