capFIX – a guaranteed solution to de-bonding issues

Gemini Adhesives has launched a unique solution to the common problem of capping or skirting de-bonding issues. A brand of Gemini Adhesives, capFIX is a proven system which has the benefit of a full written adhesion guarantee. It is particularly suitable for facilities that require a safe, germ-free environment such as hospitals, nursing homes or surgeries.

De-bonding of capping or skirting is a recurring dilemma. Simply re-applying adhesive doesn’t work, as chemicals from the original capping or skirting have leached out and contaminated both the adhesive and the wall itself, rendering the surfaces unsuitable for re-gluing.

Bacteria can also build up behind the de-bonded capping causing a potential health hazard. Tests were carried out at a leading London hospital where swabs were taken from the flooring in front of the skirting/capping and then from between the wall and the capping were it had de-bonded. The swabs were then independently analysed by Microsearch Laboratories of Halifax.

The results of these tests clearly demonstrate the scale of the predicament. The level of bacteria from swabs taken between the wall and the capping were over 110 times higher than those taken from the flooring in front of the skirting and the capping.

capFIX provides a complete solution to these problems. Following an initial free site survey, any existing capping or skirting is removed, walls are sealed with a special stabilising solution and then phthalate and carbon black free capping and skirting is fitted. This repair provides a permanent, germ-free bond which comes with a written adhesion guarantee.

Mark Grant, director of Derbyshire Flooring Ltd, deals with de-bonding issues on a daily basis. He comments, “My company contracts to the NHS and carries out a lot of remedial work.

“Over the years I have received constant call outs to capping strips and skirtings de-bonding and it seemed that no matter which method I used to re-bond them, they de-bonded again in no time at all.

“Gemini approached me with the capFIX solution and explained exactly how the system works. To be honest, initially I was sceptical about it. The results, however, have been impressive. It has stood the test of time and I can now say that capFIX has proved to be a successful long-term solution for de-bonding issues.”


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