Toshiba develops BIM solution for designing air conditioning projects

Toshiba Air Conditioning (a division of Toshiba Carrier UK Limited) has developed a complete Building Information Modelling (BIM) support solution for consultants, contractors and designers.

It covers the manufacturer’s full range of SMMSI, SHRMi and Mini SMMSi VRF  outdoor units , including flow selector boxes and the full range of indoor units.

The BIM package provides an accurate and easy-to-use digital representation of Toshiba’s air conditioning systems, that can be applied in standard BIM models of new and refurbished buildings, speeding up the design process and helping accurately to predict building performance.

The introduction of BIM is central to aiding companies to fall in line with the government’s four-year strategy to improve efficiency and reduce costs in the UK construction industry.

The aim  is to introduce 3D collaborative BIM to all new construction projects by 2016, with all project data encapsulated in electronic form, speeding up projects, reducing capital costs and helping to cut carbon emissions from buildings by 20 per cent.

David Dunn, general manager of Toshiba UK, says: “We very much support the drive towards BIM-based design, as there are huge gains to be reaped by all concerned. For designers and contractors it speeds up project planning, and enables quick and accurate changes that save time on site.

“For clients and end users, it helps ensure installations are delivered on time and to budget, and provides assurance that design conditions can be achieved for a building. These twin planning and predictive aspects are what makes BIM so powerful.”

Toshiba’s suite of BIM icons, based on the popular Revit platform, can be downloaded from the Business Lounge on the company’s website:


Ready for the BIM Revolution

Knightsbridge Furniture BIM Components Now Available Online

A comprehensive series of Building Information Modelling (BIM) components has been developed by Knightsbridge Furniture covering the company’s collections of seating, tables and cabinets across the hospital, care and mental health sectors. The components can be downloaded free of charge from

Set to become mandatory for all public sector projects by 2016, BIM is the process of designing a building by computer, using downloadable ‘smart’ components – representing everything from structural elements to furniture and furnishings – which contain data about their use and purpose as well as variables like energy efficiency and sustainability. The computer-generated model then becomes the basis for all documentation about the building, enabling contractors to start work, schedules and workplans to be generated, collaboration to be facilitated and margins for error reduced.

“As a furniture manufacturer supplying to the public sector, we feel it’s vital to have our BIM files ready for architects and specifiers to access well in advance of the 2016 deadline,” says Alan Towns, Managing Director of Knightsbridge Furniture. “We are delighted to embrace the future of BIM technology with the introduction of our open source Revit format BIM files. It was our goal to become one of the first UK contract furniture manufacturers to offer our clients the opportunity to easily download these files and it’s a credit to our team that we have launched ahead of schedule.”

Knightsbridge Furniture BIM components have been formatted using Revit 2014 and are hosted by the Modlar website where AutoCAD 2D and 3D models are available for free download. To register, visit