Leading contract caterer Edwards & Blake launches new Super Saver Menu range.   

East Anglian-based contract catering firm Edwards & Blake has launched a new range of value healthy snacks called the ‘Super Saver Menu’ into its Education and B&I client business to meet their customer’s needs

The healthy snacks are priced from 75p and are another innovative addition to their existing portfolio of own-brand ranges including the Street Food range of wraps, pasta pots and Grab’n’Go picnic packs and flatbreads.

Food Development Manager, Daniel McClelland said: “Following an intensive research programme we identified a market for highly nutritious but lower-priced food offerings and we have responded to meet this need with a range that offers people great value food but not at the expense of quality, taste or nutrition. Our development team have come up with a winning collection of healthy sweet and savoury dishes that are proving very popular with children and adults across our business.”

The range features nine mouth-watering combinations of flavours and ingredients including sugar, egg, gluten and dairy-free Date, Oat and Cranberry Flapjacks and Branflake Pancakes with blueberries and honey.

Shirley Edwards, Co-founder and Director of Edwards & Blake said: “We pride ourselves on our innovative credentials and our development team have done a fantastic job in creating a range that not only tastes delicious but also represents excellent value for money.  We’re looking forward to more exciting product launches throughout this year.


At last! An ‘OhSo’ clever chocolate…

Yes, it is true!  There is a delicious-tasting yet ‘clever’ chocolate that is actually good for you!

The ground breaking and award-winning OHSO ‘clever’ Chocolate – which contains over a billion live cultures a bar – has launched to caterers in a range of formats to suit customer needs.

Perfect for snacking, whether ‘on the go’, as an accompaniment to a hot beverage or as an in-room value-add, OHSO ‘clever’ Chocolate gives operators the opportunity to offer their customers a ‘permissible’ and delicious treat.

The famed Belgian chocolate is trailblazing the confectionery category with its health benefits, carrying live bacteria, which is three times more likely to get through to the gut than it is via a probiotic yoghurt.

At the forefront of innovation and right on market trend, OHSO Chocolate has the added benefit of being produced with NO added sugar whilst also being gluten and nut free.

Available in a variety of formats, from weekly packs to single bars, all products are the finest quality Belgian Chocolate with natural flavours. OHSO Chocolate’ signature original bars come in plain and orange, and the “No Added Sugar” range comes in Plain, Raspberry and Lemon.

Co-founder and CEO Andrew Marten reinforces that OHSO ‘clever’ Chocolate is unique and is set to take a leading role in the chocolate category offering permissibility on a whole new scale, sitting perfectly with caterers’ NHW strategies: “Government’ concerns relating to obesity and associated sugar content of food products – confectionery and carbonated drinks in particular – are well documented” he says, “and we are constantly seeing manufacturers striving to take calories OUT of confectionery, to improve NHW values, without eroding the taste.

“Here we have a great tasting chocolate, which actively promotes health and ticks all those boxes.  A 13.5g bar represents only 70 calories to the consumer whilst they enjoy over a billion live cultures, which is a powerful aid in the health of the gut.

“We believe this is a great opportunity for caterers either as a pure-play snacking product, in-room value-add, or on the side of a hot beverage/coffee – the applications are extensive”.

OHSO ‘clever’ Chocolate is available as:

  • Single 13.5g bars, which come in either a 24 bar counter-ready case or a 300 bar case, RRP 60p per bar.
  • Seven bar ‘weekly’ packs, which come in either a 10 pack shelf-ready case or a 50 pack case, RRP £4.59 per pack.

For more information go to www.ohsostore.com


Vivreau’s Business Journey

Vivreau, a global leader in the development and manufacture of purified drinking water systems, has been challenging and changing the way drinking water is sourced for over 25 years, paving the way for sustainable bottled drinking water.

In 1989, current Managing Director Stephen Charles Cohen and his late father, Howard, identified that importing bottled water from other countries would be detrimental to the environment. Despite the fact that the term ‘carbon footprint’ did not yet exist, what was immediately visible to the duo were carbon emissions, water miles and piles of non-recyclable glass and plastic bottles. Thus, an idea was conceived which aimed to change the way drinking water was obtained and served in restaurants, hotels and boardrooms across the globe.

Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System is a mains-fed drinking water dispensing system, manufactured in the UK, which dispenses unlimited quantities of filtered chilled still and sparkling water at the point of source and can be served in reusable Designer glass bottles. This system is currently in place in 1000’s of businesses around the world.

Vivreau’s Designer glass bottles, also manufactured in the UK, are fully reusable and entirely dishwasher safe. These sleek and stylish bottles can be branded and different bottle designs can be chosen to suit a particular décor scheme. Available in 750ml and 425ml sizes, the latter is favoured for optimum eco-friendliness where water wastage can also be reduced.

Pioneered by Stephen and his father, the Table Water Bottling System concept quickly became appealing as a business opportunity, with several large contemporary companies offering Vivreau water to their clients. Effectively, this highlights that Vivreau’s mission to change the face of table water has been extremely successful, and has played a crucial part in increasing sustainability across a range of industries. Vivreau’s values are at the heart of each and every system worldwide.

Dubbed the ‘Eco Warrior’ by peers in the 90’s, Stephen Charles turned his passion into a business opportunity, championing the first ever Table Water Bottling System as a way of solving a worldwide problem.

“Nobody had ever done this before and we had a very tough audience”, Stephen recalled. “At the time, the mains-fed water cooler industry had yet to make any impact in the UK, coupled with the country just recovering from recession”. Despite this, Stephen and his father, helped by his mother, Sue, doing the books, ploughed ahead with the new venture. They built a machine sourced from components and sold it to a small Indian restaurant in Wembley. In an apprentice-style move, they took the proceeds from the sale, built and sold two more machines and so on. Now, these systems take pride of place in a range of businesses from five star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants to large corporate offices across the globe.
Vivreau’s product portfolio does not end at bottling systems. The brand continues to develop new solutions for the supply of purified water, in order to adapt to a variety of commercial requirements, minimising unnecessary environmental costs associated with pre-bottled mineral waters.

vivrea2The Vi tap was created to address the issue of efficiency, and is capable of dispensing instant boiling hot and cold still and sparkling perfectly filtered water at the touch of a button, all from one beautifully-designed tap. Possessing sleek aesthetics to complement technologically advanced functions, it is suitable for a range of outlets and establishments due to its small footprint. Robust enough to deal with high demand, with an energy saving option and zero splash, the Vi tap is an asset of efficiency in a multitude of hospitality and corporate environments.

Innovation is at the heart of all of Vivreau’s systems; a value which was central to the creation of LinkLine, which consists of one centrally located Master Control Unit which distributes chilled still or sparkling filtered water to any outlet within a building (over any number of floors), which is re-circulated continuously to eradicate the risk of stagnant water. LinkLine has been proven to be up to 55% more efficient than individual units, as well as up to 45% more cost-effective. This idea was soon adopted by a whole host of leading global businesses.

Based in Greenford, just outside London, Vivreau today employs over 70 people, with a further distribution and printing set-up in Barnsley. Stephen stated “It’s very important to us as a business and to me personally to support British manufacturing whenever possible.” The company has gone from being a small, privately owned UK company, to a serious international player with operations in North America, South Africa, Australasia and several countries across Europe and is now a key part of the Brita Group. Tel: 020 8813 4895 Email: bfm@vivreau.com www.vivreau.com


Trends in the hot beverages market

Here John Broad, barista training and development manager from the business-to-business division of British tea and coffee merchant Ringtons looks at the considerations Facilities Managers need to take into account when reviewing hot beverages facilities.

The first question which needs to be answered when looking at hot drinks provisions is the reason for the facility – primarily whether hot beverages are intended to boost income, or if they are to be a service to staff and others.

If hot beverage facilities are specified as an income stream, a decision on which equipment to install needs to be tailored to the venue’s individual use and available space. Options include stand-alone vending machines with coin payment, freestanding self-service coffee towers next to a catering or retail outlet to take payment, or a service-only facility within a manned catering outlet. The latter could comprise of hot water boiler, vending equipment or a full blow espresso machine with barista-trained operator. There are also self-service tower stations with card payment options to consider.

If drinks are to be available for free to staff and visitors the options for making and serving hot drinks are vast – ranging from more traditional kettles or water boilers in a staff kitchen to hot water flasks, self-service table top vending machines or even free standing towers / vending machines in staff areas. With so much choice on the market it’s sensible to seek assistance of an expert who could advise which option fits based on the use of the building, footfall, staff availability, space, existing catering and range of product to be sold.

Where an unmanned vending machine or coffee tower is installed a FM needs to decide whether the facility is managed in-house or with the help of a contractor. A fully managed service – whereby a third party stocks, cleans, maintains and handles cash – is a more expensive solution, but it is also the easier option which could be particularly beneficial where resource is tight, a number of sites are under a FMs remit and space is limited.

Alternatively internally managed equipment requires staff training (and staff presence in some instances), regular maintenance, stock management and ongoing replenishment. This option can result in a greater financial return, easier troubleshooting and more control over which beverages are served which in-turn offers a venue greater flexibility.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of tea, coffee, catering equipment, machinery and catering the greatest trend Ringtons Beverages has seen is greater demand for quality espresso bean and fresh tea on the go.

Substantial developments in vending machine equipment means the days of weak coffee and poor quality tea from plastic cups are well and truly over. Consumers are increasingly savvy – they know what makes a good cup of tea or coffee and expect quality wherever they are.

With this in mind, vending equipment today can include fresh beans or whole bean instant coffee, on-demand grinders, fresh milk, superior milk granules and great quality tea and infusions which mean hot beverages are increasingly being enjoyed on-the-go. Consumers are happy to pay a little more per cup for a better quality end result, which in time will more than make up for any initial output required to invest in equipment, ingredients and staff resource. With a take-away cup of tea or coffee costing as little at 15p to produce and average charge per cup tipping £1.50 there’s opportunity to be had by offering a great hot drink range.

Even if tea and coffee is free there’s a lot to be said for providing staff and visitors with a better quality drink – not only can it boost morale but if on-site facilities are good, staff are less likely to leave the building which in-turn reduces down-time. It also reflects well on a company who can impress visitors with a great cup of tea or coffee.

Developing trends

In addition to consumer tastes becoming more sophisticated, the hot beverage market has also diversified in recent years. While most Brits will opt for a traditional black tea (it makes up 80% of the whole tea market), figures show black tea is actually in slow decline and has been for a number of years. While Ringtons’ sales figures are better than national findings, and English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Assam remain top sellers, the company is also seeing more green tea and fruit and herbal infusions taking a chunk of the market; a trend which echoes national sales. To keep ahead of industry trends we recommend menus not only cover black tea but also include fruit and herbals and green teas and a decaf option.

When we look at coffee, again tradition dominates and black coffee is the biggest seller, but consumers now also expect to see a range of coffee options on the menu and as a minimum we recommend cappuccinos, lattes and filter coffee are available. Menus can be diversified by using syrups – an easy way to offer something new throughout the year at minimal cost and hassle.

Although coffee and tea tastes are diversifying there is always going to be demand for traditional coffee and black tea, so operators must ensure this remains a pivotal part of their offerings and the best way to sell this is to offer quality fresh tea and coffee. Although tea and coffee may seem like a small pointer, once equipment or services are installed, tea and coffee can be a great income generator and it can boost the overall experience of staff, a customer or visitors so it’s wise to invest carefully and provide a good standard of beverage options.

For more information on Ringtons Beverages go to www.ringtons.co.uk or call 0800 0461 444.


Ampersand awarded prestigious Sage Gateshead contract

Ampersand, part of the CH&Co Group, has been awarded a five-year contract to provide all catering services to the iconic concert and events venue, Sage Gateshead.

Located on the banks of the River Tyne, the flagship venue was designed by renowned architect, Lord Foster.  It opened in December 2004 and today attracts over 600,000 visitors per year and hosts events featuring a wide range of stars from Sting and Katherine Jenkins to Gareth Malone’s choir, Voices, and Showaddywaddy.  Sage Gateshead is also home to the Royal Northern Sinfonia.

Ampersand’s responsibilities within the multi-million turnover contract will include managing the bars, brasserie, café and events for Sage Gateshead and a team of up to 70 Ampersand staff will provide the services.   Within Sage Gateshead there are five bars, a café, a brasserie and scope to run events such as dinners for up to 400 people. If both concert theatres are in use, there are in excess of 3600 customers on site.

Paul Jackson, Managing Director of Ampersand, said, “Even though Ampersand has contracts across the UK, Sage Gateshead is our first contract in the North East and it’s a very exciting opportunity for us.  The building is incredible, the location is great and the facilities inside are amazing.  These three elements give us a very good platform to build on with Sage Gateshead to maximise the potential of the venue.

“We have some very exciting initiatives and concepts that we’ll be launching with Sage Gateshead in January 2016 and these will help cement its place as the premier venue in the North East.”

Abigail Pogson, Sage Gateshead’s Managing Director said “We’re here to offer great music and great experiences and that’s why it’s important to us that Sage Gateshead’s bars, cafes and brasserie are a cut above.

“Ampersand won a highly competitive tender process with a combination of creativity, innovation and flair and we’re looking forward to working with them, and making a visit to our great building as enjoyable as possible.”



To buy or not to buy? How do you choose your kitchen equipment?

Shopping. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but when you are investing in a piece of commercial kitchen equipment that can be worth hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, the pressure is on to make the right decision.

So where do you start, how do you do your research and whose opinion should you trust? Every major brand will tell you that theirs is the best option, that is a given. You can compare energy ratings, overall costs, functions, programs, bells and whistles. You could stay loyal to a brand you have used before or switch to one that is offering a large discount or new customer incentive. You could scour the net for user reviews. It can all be a bit bewildering.

But, if you want an informed, unbiased, warts and all review of a particular brand or item, from someone who knows what they are talking about, then you should ask TWO Services. Not only can we source and supply kitchen equipment at competitive prices, our certified engineers can install it and if you wish, we can carry out the future cleaning and maintenance of your shiny new appliance. In short, we offer the complete service your equipment needs to ensure it stays in tip top condition and provides years of good service.

As experts in commercial kitchen cleaning, maintenance and repairs, we are dealing with all sorts of equipment from a vast range of manufacturers, day in and day out. We work with all the major suppliers but are not affiliated to any particular brand, so have no hidden agendas or vested interests. And what’s more, if we already clean your kitchen or carry out maintenance, we will know exactly what space you have and how well a specific appliance will integrate with your existing set up.

TWO Services take into consideration all the factors of your exact circumstances and budget, the nature and size of your kitchen, the level of intensity the appliance will be used at, how easy it is to get hold of spares at short notice, and our experiences with similar models. And only then do we make our recommendations, advising you on the reliability and suitability or otherwise, of particular makes or models and providing quotes to supply. After that, it is entirely up to you. But at least you will have had an unbiased view point on whether that fridge/cooker/microwave/combi steamer is really the best option for your kitchen.

Take refrigeration for example. Barry Osborn, TWO Services MD says: “There are numerous types of fridges and freezers that can be combined in a number of ways to give you the most practical set up for needs. And don’t forget that the type of units you choose will affect your energy consumption – so it is important to consider the factors that will help you cut costs.

“Energy efficiency is a big priority within the catering industry. There are many ways of contributing to this, including the addition of night blinds and strip curtains and switching off lights in cooled areas, when not in use. Keeping fridge and freezer doors closed as much as possible and ensuring that the door seals are kept in good condition are essential for maintaining temperature.

“Like most things in life, commercial refrigeration needs looking after to give smooth service and prolonged life. To optimise efficiency, all of its elements must be able to function properly.   Regular maintenance, cleaning of fans and condensers and leak testing are essential for minimising energy spend.

Where refrigeration is used ‘front of house’ it needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.   Assisted serve-over/display counters, with curved glass frontage, are more economical to run than open fronted units.

“Whilst a run of refrigerated cupboards may look neater, these use more energy to maintain temperature than separate units. You don’t have the same flexibility as you have with individual cabinets. Single fridges and freezers can be isolated and switched off when not required and can be run at different temperatures depending on content.

“Modern and energy efficient refrigeration systems will help save money. However, just following simple advice can deliver big energy savings.”

So if you are in the market for a new appliance and would like some independent advice, why not visit www.two-services.com or give us a call on 0800 22 44 33 today – after all what have you got to lose?




New research reveals organisations are missing opportunities to boost employee wellbeing 

  • 69% of organisations have no plans to improve food and drink provisions
  • A fifth of workers say that food and drink provisions in the workplace are ‘extremely poor’ 

New research from Convini Food Solutions, a self-service, convenience-style store concept for the workplace, reveals that organisations are struggling to meet employee needs when it comes to food and drink provision – a key part of workplace wellbeing.

The ‘Food for Thought’ report [1] – which explores the provision and impact of food and drink in the workplace – has found that 69% of organisations have no plans to improve their food and drink provisions in the next 12 months, despite the majority (61%) receiving complaints from employees about the quality of food and drink in the workplace. A fifth (21%) of office-based workers* say that the food provisions in their workplace are ‘extremely poor’ and worryingly, 27% say they have no catering provision in place at all.

The impact of poor food and drink on wellbeing
The research reveals a staggering level of workers skip meals, and part of this is due to the poor standard of catering offered. Half of office-based workers (47%) were found to skip lunch at least once a week and this figure rises 9% with workers who rate their provision to be ‘extremely poor’. When asked what impact skipping the meal had on their productivity, 63% of non-lunch eaters said it increased irritability and reduced concentration – showing the importance food and drink has on overall employee wellbeing and productivity.

Commenting on the research, Christopher Pedersen, Managing Director at Convini, said: “This research clearly underlines the integral role that food and drink plays in improving wellbeing in the workplace. By failing to address catering provisions adequately, organisations are missing an opportunity not only to improve employee wellbeing, but also energise staff, boost productivity and reduce sick leave. However, if organisations fail to address employee concerns adequately, they are likely to disengage their workforce, reduce morale and ultimately lose staff altogether.”

Barriers preventing change 
Encouragingly, both employees and organisations agree that the provision of good food and drink is important, however organisations say that three key barriers – lack of time, lack of budget and lack of space – prevent change. 52% of workers agree that a better provision of food and drink would encourage them not to skip meals – a clear indicator to the benefits that change could bring.

Pedersen continues:While it is encouraging to see both staff and organisations acknowledging the importance of eating well, it is disappointing to see that they are not following through, despite the clear benefits change could bring. The critical next step is for organisations to identify and address the barriers that are preventing change to ensure wellbeing is addressed fully, across all services. By taking action now, organisations can look to reap the benefits in the short and the long-term.”

For more information about Convini, visit: www.convini.co.uk/ or call: 0800 613 51 13

[1] The ‘Food for Thought’ research report, is the first report to be compiled by Convini Food Solutions, a provider of fully-accessible, self service convenience stores for the workplace.

The report details two separate surveys carried out in June 2014. The first survey was an employer-side research project that looked to assess how FMs manage and maintain food and drink provisions within their organisation. The survey provided data from 91 key decision makers – e.g. Facilities and Procurement Managers and was run by Convini Food Solutions in conjunction with a media partner.

The second, an employee-focused consumer research project was conducted online amongst 2,000 UK people (of which 1,170 are workers) by ICM, in partnership with Convini Food Solutions.

An office-based worker refers to full or part-time workers who spend more than 50% of their time in an office-based environment.


48 and never late with new Electrolux Express service

Leading food service equipment manufacturer, Electrolux Professional, has launched an exclusive new offering which allows food service customers to obtain new commercial catering equipment quicker than ever before.

Geared towards kitchen replacement installations, Electrolux Express gives proprietors the opportunity to guarantee the delivery of a specially selected range of dishwashing, dynamic preparation and refrigeration equipment in as little as just 48 hours of placing their order.

The new Electrolux Express offering boasts a collection of the manufacturer’s established range, which has been carefully selected to allow customers to minimise kitchen downtime.

A selection of dishwashing, dynamic preparation and refrigeration solutions, each of which can prove critical to efficient kitchen operation, can be ordered and delivered within a guaranteed timeframe of 48 hours – a pledge Electrolux Professional is the only manufacturer to offer.

The timing of the launch gives school caterers in particular the ideal route to facilitate the replacement of existing kitchen equipment as they look to meet the requirements of the Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) programme, prior to its September introduction.

Darren Lockley, Head of Region for UK & Ireland at Electrolux Professional commented: “Many food service customers will already be aware that Electrolux Professional provides complete kitchen solutions, but we wanted to introduce a mechanism to cater for those who need just one or two pieces of replacement equipment quickly.

“With market demands evolving as rapidly as ever, it is important that those who equip and operate professional kitchens can rely on a manufacturer to meet all their replacement needs efficiently without compromising product quality. Electrolux Express has been designed to do exactly that.”

For more information on Electrolux Express, call 08443 753 444 or email foodservice.sales@electrolux.co.uk or visit www.electrolux.com/professional



The future of vending in the FM world

Here John Broad from British tea and coffee merchant Ringtons Beverages explores the considerations Facilities Managers should take into account when looking to install vending solutions.

When it comes to deciding which hot drink solution is appropriate for a business’ needs, the Facilities Manager has firstly got to consider the reason for installation.  Does the solution need to be profit generating i.e. drinks are sold, or is it installed as a service for colleagues and visitors?

No matter which solution, the business needs to consider whether to manage and operate the contract in-house or enter into a contract with a vending operator who will stock, clean and manage any money (if applicable) on a daily basis, or however often the contract stipulates.  This is applicable whether it is free vending or drinks are being charged for.

As you will appreciate it is more expensive for a fully managed service so the decision for the FM is – does the business have staff available to stock and clean the machine or is a hassle-free solution the requirement?

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of tea, coffee, catering equipment, machinery and catering supplies for the food service industry and business, Ringtons Beverages supplies products for  use in vending equipment as well as table top coffee machinery and custom built workstations such as self-service coffee towers which can be constructed to a customer’s specific requirements and available space.

Vending operators are continually looking to trade up in quality – similarly to other areas within the coffee industry – as their customers’ knowledge and taste expectations continue to grow.  In order to meet this demand there has been great development and innovation in the past few years in the style/ appearance and quality of the equipment and the quality of drinks dispensed.

Ringtons Beverages has seen a much greater demand for premium quality espresso bean and fresh loose leaf tea offering.  This now tends to be the preferred option rather than machines serving instant coffee and instant tea which was the norm in years gone by.  Premium quality disposable cups and other premier ancillaries also tend to have replaced the thin cream plastic cups.

Increasingly popular are fresh-brew machines and bean-to-cup machines which use fresh coffee beans and grinds them to order to produce a fresh and superior quality coffee.  Although this machinery and the coffee itself can cost a little more than instant coffee you can consequently charge more for a cup – it’s fairly common practice to charge upward of £1.00 for a good quality vending machine beverage, which gives a great return on a cup which can cost as little as 15p.  Some systems even use fresh milk and loose tea so you get an even higher standard of product.

As beverage selection, equipment and the fittings in which vending equipment is placed are so specific to individual needs it is always advisable to seek advice from a third party as to what would work best for particular circumstances, reason for installation, audience and available floor space.

Added benefit

Some companies believe the power of a good cuppa is so strong that installing equipment for staff alone will make a direct positive impact on the business itself.  It can be argued that providing quality beverages on-site for staff reduces the number of employees leaving the building and buying coffee elsewhere which many businesses find reduces downtime as staff aren’t leaving the building for as long, or at all, and are therefore not losing momentum.  It can also be demoralising to be given terrible coffee at work so small tweaks to the offering can make a huge difference to staff morale.

One company from Newton Aycliffe has invested in good quality vending equipment and products via Ringtons Beverages and has benefitted from the installation of two top quality Cimbali M1 machines which use fresh milk.  Managers saw the value in rewarding staff with free tea and coffee from this top quality equipment.  On average they find employees consume around two cups per day which does not equate to a huge outgoing for the company and the reward they received in terms of employee productivity, loyalty and satisfaction are believed to be worth the investment.

Another caterer client of Ringtons Beverages even upgraded all of their equipment, Point of Sale signs and cups and replaced their Costa tea and coffee with Ringtons to boost the quality of their tea and coffee offering – they believe the quality boost has meant sales have risen.



TopBrewer installed in new open plan office for the CBI

scanomat2The CBI have moved their London HQ into a new 25,000 sq ft space on the 4th Floor of Cannon Place as part of a transition to embrace open plan working principles. The CBI has over 240,000 members and is the UK’s premier business lobbying organisation.  The CBI’s main objective is to help create and sustain conditions in which UK businesses can compete and prosper. Their previous home in Centre Point, where the CBI was based for more than 30 years, was a very different environment with a multi-floor layout.

Speaking about the new space, Elaine McFarlane, Director, HR at the CBI said: “We wanted to create an office environment which had impact and was a place staff and our members could be proud of.  Staff are still excited about the new building and our regional staff are particularly in awe.  One of them sent a lovely note saying how much they now felt proud to bring members to the new London office, but more importantly that they now felt much more at home and part of the ‘One CBI’ culture we are creating.”

The new space in Cannon Place has been designed to not only improve communication flow through increased collaborative working and informal social interaction, but to also foster creativity and to create a vibrant yet relaxed and agile look and feel. The space incorporates a new café’ hub and a members lounge where its members are invited to view the premises as ‘their office’; a place where they can catch up with work, simply charge their mobile phone or enjoy a freshly brewed coffee from the newly installed TopBrewer coffee machine.

The TopBrewer is the ideal solution for the members lounge as it is the world’s first premium self service bean-to-cup coffee machine, where users can individually customise their drinks using the TopBrewer app.  The minimal swan neck tap design and silent brewer, which uniquely resides under the counter, means that it compliments the modern open plan workspace in a subtle way.  Commenting on the TopBrewer, Nigel Hopkins, Resources Director at the CBI said: “It is a technologically advanced solution which members love for its functionality and clean lines, as well as making great drinks.”

Simon Bracken, Managing Director of Scanomat UK, said of the new space at Cannon Place; “The CBI have created a great workspace and it definitely evokes a sense of creativity.  The TopBrewer works perfectly in the members lounge as it is the ideal solution for a hands off approach to premium coffee that is versatile enough to cater for the needs of everybody’s individual tastes and preferences.  It is self cleaning for a start, meaning that the pipes are flushed between each drink to ensure optimum drink quality.  The TopBrewer app is extremely intuitive and easy to use, plus the machine goes from standby to ready in just 45 seconds.  We are delighted with the feedback the TopBrewer has received on site and wish the CBI and it’s members many happy years to come in their new home!”  www.scanomat.co.uk