SICK Laser Scanning Technology Makes Reliable Building Security Easy

Technology developments to SICK’s LMS range of 2D laser scanners have made it easier than ever to secure and protect outdoor open spaces reliably, even where there are frequent vehicle movements, with one scanner capable of covering an area the size of a football pitch.

Both intrusion and anti-collision protection have been made more customisable and adaptable for building security, distribution centres and critical infrastructure, including railways, airports and bridges, thanks to innovative developments to the SICK LMS141 range of time-of-flight laser scanners.

Neil Sandhu, SICK (UK) Product Manager explains: “SICK laser scanners are well known for their robust and reliable protection, even in challenging environments or weather. Now, with the LMS 141, security monitoring and collision protection for a whole range of complex profiles and changing situations is possible while avoiding false alarms.”

The new LMS 141 2D laser scanner has been optimised for building and outdoor security, providing reliable scanning protection in which the fields can be precision-configured through an easy-teach function to suit the shape, size and permitted areas of almost any location. Scanners can also be integrated with CCTV and lighting systems for full image identification purposes.

Regular moving objects such as vehicles in designated spaces can be taught-in to the sensor software, and the LMS 141’s Core and Prime options offer differing degrees of complexity depending on the application, with automatic or configured fields and the ability to teach-in with or without a PC. The unit also allows for gradual profile build-up to avoid false alarms, for example, with snow accumulation, piles of leaves or grass growing.

“The LMS 141 has our widest-ever scanning field, capable of detecting even black targets over an area up to 30 metres by 20 metres, almost football pitch sized,” Neil Sandhu continues. “So you can protect large areas like building perimeters and vehicle yards with very few scanners.

“Because you can define and configure a number of fields and profiles to allow for changing conditions over time, fields can be easily be set. For example, you can allow for pre-set access paths during the day, which are automatically protected at night, or you can guard around objects, vehicles, windows and doors, allowing set proximity only at designated times.

“The LMS 141 offers invisible protection with superior performance to non-laser technologies such as radar and infrared, at a competitive price to installing a high security fence, for example.”
With its IP67, tamper-resistant housing, the LMS 141 has a wide temperature range of between -40°C and +60°C capability, can operate independently of changing light levels and is unaffected by rain, fog and snow.

The SICK LMS 141 time-of-flight laser scanner emits an infra-red laser beam pulse which scans a field range up to 270° via a rotating mirror. The scanner’s sensor measures the return time of each pulse to build a profile which is compared to the taught-in profile. The unit can be mounted horizontally, on its back, vertically, on the floor or on posts or walls to provide the required protective field.

Connected via a tough, UV resistant cable, the LMS141 is available with Ethernet and CAN communication for easy integration to local control networks; smartphone alarms can be set up via a PC for remote monitoring. The compact, discreetly coloured unit is only 162mm by 102mm by 106mm and 1.1kg for easy installation.

For more information on the SICK LMS 141 laser scanner, or any of SICK’s security and protection scanning devices, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email


Park at the Ark

UK Barrier Services were commissioned to replace a pair of barriers for the ARK Conference and Events centre. Based in Basingstoke it’s a premier venue in the south of England for all types of events from seminars to formal dinners.

The venue wanted to update the parking equipment for its private parking area. The barriers are now operated through a new wireless GSM intercom and the existing keypads. UK Barrier Services installed Magnetic Microdrive Access barriers which are specifically designed for use in high frequency sites, e.g. industrial sites, residential buildings or parking areas. The Magnetic Access range not only offers a long-life cycle, great reliability and quality but also has an enduring design with extremely low operational costs.

For this installation LED illuminated barrier arms were chosen to offer maximum visibility. These are red in the down position, flash red during the opening and closing phases and are green when the barrier is fully open.

Stuart Newton, UK Barrier Services Director stated “we find the product very easy to install, it’s designed with efficiency and safety in mind as well as conformity”. They would always recommend the installation be carried out by an approved automation engineer.

‘Hold-Open’ key switches were installed on the side of each barrier to allow a local hold-open option when security wish to allow free access to the car park. The exit barrier has an induction loop which opens on approach of a vehicle and closes once the vehicle has passed through the barrier and cleared the induction loop and photocells, which speeds up the exit of vehicles.

Optional safety enhancing solutions were also included, 2x sets of photocells, induction loops and audible sounders located inside the barrier housings which operate during the closing phase. Both barriers were force tested during commissioning phase to confirm their compliance with the impact requirements of the Euro norms.

Both barriers have been colour coded to the clients own specific RAL paint code.  This is a popular option with customers looking to tie the barriers in with the aesthetics of the environment.

With the expertise of UK Barrier Services the client has been so pleased with the products and installation that they have taken out a scheduled maintenance contract for the foreseeable future.




Aperio® at the University of Birmingham

A student residence at The University of Birmingham has been supplied with the Aperio® wireless locking solution by ASSA ABLOY Access Control, a UK division of ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions.

Chamberlain, based in Edgbaston, is a brand new student accommodation development comprised of a 21-storey tower and three low-rise blocks.
The student rooms have been fitted with the Aperio® solution, which is fully integrated into the Gallagher Command Centre, which is an industry leading critical business platform, delivering organisational security and operational continuity.

Gallagher’s integration with Aperio® provides the University with a cost-effective solution which removes the need for mechanical keys. In addition, the integration is available and supported worldwide and is applicable for all industries.

Jason Boyce, Sales Manager at Gallagher, said: “We were pleased to be able to provide the University of Birmingham with a solution that integrates tightly with their existing campus-wide system.

“Unlike other systems, Aperio® provides audit trails online, allowing for the real time monitoring of doors. This allows the University to ensure that all students arrive safely to their rooms during arrivals weekend.

David Hodgkiss, National Sales Manager at ASSA ABLOY Access Control, said: “We were pleased that our extensive experience within the education sector has enabled us to provide the University of Birmingham with a seamlessly integrated solution with our Aperio® technology. The University now has plans to roll Aperio® out to other residences.”

Neil Titterington, Sales Manager at 2020 Vision Systems, said: “We wanted to ensure we delivered a faultless installation service to the University of Birmingham, who we have been working with for over fifteen years. Together with ASSA ABLOY Access Control and Gallagher we were able to install the Aperio® solution on time at Chamberlain, with minimum disruption to the students and staff.”

For further information on the complete Aperio® product portfolio, please visit

For further information on 2020 Vision Systems, please visit


Free controlling Risks and Liabilities with Access Control event in Birmingham

Tuesday 12th April at Villa Park, Birmingham

The British Security Industry Association, in association with its members,  have the pleasure of inviting you to a free one-day security event. This event is being organised on behalf of the BSIA’s Access and Asset Protection section .

The theme of this year’s event is controlling risks and liabilities with access control. Speakers have been selected to deliver presentations on a wide range of issues from highlighting the risk for owners, to business solutions using security management platforms and an overview of all insurance related issues. Speakers confirmed for the event include:

  • Stephen Halpin (Four Security Group)
  • James Fee (VPS)
  • Mike Sussman (TDSi)
  • Steve Bailes (Gallagher)
  • Ged Baron (Peninsula UK)

Free to attend for delegates, the conference looks set to spark a lively debate on the issue of Controlling Risks and Liabilities with Access Control, while enabling representatives from local and national businesses to raise their own questions to members of the expert panel.

Alongside the conference, exhibitors from across the security industry will be on hand to demonstrate their latest products and services, giving you the opportunity to get close up to the latest technological innovations, meet potential suppliers and find out more about which solutions would best suit your business.

The event will also include a free lunch and stadium tour of Villa Park with unrestricted access to the pitch and changing rooms.

To secure your delegate place at what promises to be an informative and educational event, complete the online booking form by following this link:

There are only 150 places available so please register ASAP to avoid disappointment.


Businesses urged to make security a priority this winter


  • Security services’ 2014 statistics show nearly one in four businesses experienced a security incident in December
  • Experts offer their advice on how businesses can optimise their security over the festive season

One in four sites could face a security incident this December, says Farsight Security Services.

The national security company warns shutting up shop over the festive season could make businesses a target for intruders if they fail to introduce the correct measures.

Statistics highlight nearly one in four (24 per cent) of the sites monitored by the remote monitoring station experienced an incident in December 2014.

Malcolm O’Shea Barnes, senior operations manager at Farsight, says, “At Farsight we monitor the intruder alarm and CCTV systems for many different sites across the UK. These statistics show that in the December there is a real risk that sites could experience a security breach – whether that’s disruption to CCTV cameras, an intruder witnessed or evidence of a break-in.

“It’s common knowledge that many businesses close for the period from Christmas to New Year. Empty premises are the perfect target for opportune intruders, especially businesses with expensive equipment or machinery.”

In light of this, the security services are issuing their advice for businesses and facilities managers on how they can ensure their security systems are up to scratch for the Christmas period:

  1.  Take weather into consideration: check that your security lighting is working and provides a clear image via CCTV cameras. Also consider if the weather could cause environmental damage, which may obstruct security cameras or damage fences, gates and railings.
  2.  Keep perimeters secure: don’t leave skips, boxes or vehicles near your perimeter, as these can help intruders jump down into your site.
  3.  Have a process in place for locking up: don’t leave one person to lock up for the holidays. At this time of year it’s vital that you lock up every possible entry point. Check windows, doors, fire escapes and outbuildings such as warehouses, garages and secure car parks.
  4. Update your security services on Christmas working hours: inform your security services of changes to working hours at your premises over December and January: if you’re closing completely; only working occasional hours; expecting just a couple of personnel to be on site or even if you’re expecting deliveries. If your remote monitoring station knows these details they can act decisively if they identify an individual on your site.
  5. Check your key holder information: inform the relevant parties if any of your key holders are away for the holidays. Replace these keyholders with someone else who will be nearby and available to attend the site in an emergency.
  6. Update your security system’s clock: check your security system to see if your lighting is timed separately from your cameras. If so make sure they are in sync and have both been updated to account for the longer nights and for the clocks going back. Also check the time on your CCTV cameras as an incorrect time could make footage unusable as evidence. 

About Farsight Security Services Ltd

Farsight Security Services Ltd is an event driven, remote video, fire and intruder alarm receiving centre. Established in 1996, Farsight grew to become the largest monitoring station in Europe, as well as a pioneer in remote security provision. Since 2007 Farsight has been, independently, owned by Optex Japan: the world’s leading manufacturer of intruder alarm and CCTV passive infrared detectors. Today, Farsight answers 96% of its alarms in fewer than 90 seconds, far exceeding the industry average.


Review – Smanos Home Security Systems

The Smanos range of Wi-Fi/GMS/SMS/RFID Touch Alarm Systems distributed by Response Electronics is a perfect fit with today’s digital lifestyle.  Not only do these systems offer a host of security and alert features including; intruder detection, smoke and flood detection, but they can be remotely controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world – with NO monthly monitoring fees!

Installation is a synch – Smanos Wireless Systems and Accessories are quick and easy to install and set-up, straight from the box.  With no messy wiring required or need to re-decorate, the cutting edge designs will fit harmoniously with any style of home décor.

There’s a Smanos Alarm System for all types and sizes of properties.

This is what Smanos themselves say – We took a look at the Smanos W100 – WiFi/PSTN Alarm System ourselves and gave it a trial run.

First impressions are very good. The product looks sleek and modern unlike some other alarm system offerings which seem to have had the same design for years now. This system wouldn’t look out of place sitting next to your Apple products. Our starter kit came with a motion sensor, a door/window sensor and two remotes. You have the option to buy additional sensors and accessories to expand your system.

Installation instructions were clear and easily understood, wireless setup makes the whole process quick and smooth. We downloaded the iPhone App which worked very well also. If the alarm is tripped, the system will send a message to your phone in addition to sounding the actual alarm. You can also arm and disarm the system via your phone as well.

The alarm itself is very loud. It would certainly be enough to put off any would be intruders and it had the whole office plugging their ears.

All in all, we found the product to be excellent. Easy to set up, the ability to use a very intuitive iPhone app, a sleek design and a suitably loud alarm. If you are looking for a system to protect your office or premises, we would definitely recommend the Smanos range. Whatever your requirements, Smanos have a number of products that will ably fit the bill.

The W100 as well as further accessories can be purchased from Maplin now –


iLockerz secure, track and manage shared portable equipment

The innovative iLockerz systems are available in 3 configurations and are designed to save the time and money that is wasted when keys, laptops, tablets and valuable equipment is missing. The Keytracker and iLockerz product range allows your establishment to offer effective laptop loans, secure BYOD storage, charging facilities, and automated key management 24 hours a day, ensuring that your important portable assets are always accounted for.

Within the modern building, intelligent keyless lockers that are used for the secure storage and charging of mobile phones, tablets, wearables and other similar devices, are proving to be a great asset. Not only do these charging stations work brilliantly in conjunction with bring your own device policies but they also serve as the perfect secure location for visitors and guests to safely store personal luggage and electronic equipment within.

BYOD or Bring Your Own Devices lockers are central storage lockers and phone charging stations. These lockers have electronically operated locker compartments that allow users to secure and charge personal devices such as mobile phones or laptops in for short periods of time. These intelligent locker systems are often used in conjunction with Bring Your Own Device policies or in communal spaces to enhance visitor experience and increase safety.

Intelligent BYOD lockers are simple electronic lockers that can be used by visitors, staff, students, and guests etc to securely store and charge personal devices and other equipment for a short period of time. Accessed by using the touch screen control panel, iLockerz give simple step by step instructions that allow a user to gain access to a locker before offering a secure pin code or fingerprint that ensures that only they may retrieve their personal valuables once they are ready.

Not only do iLockerz BYOD systems save valuable space, increase dwell time in chosen locations, offer additional revenue streams (if required) and information portals, but they also ensure that users have fully charged devices at all times whilst increasing security and safety on your site.

BYOD lockers may be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate all types of equipment, with a whole host of in-locker charging options, access methods or user payment methods are also available.

iLockerz are also available as RFiD intelligent lockers that track and manage the use of shared portable equipment. Typically used to implement laptop loans, radio handset management, drug pack issue/returns, tool and harness tracking and much more, the iLockerz RFiD lockers and cabinets allow your organisation to securely and effectively manage the assets, objects and equipment that is of high importance to its effective operation.

RFiD enabled lockers, cabinets and storage areas are accessed by entering a pin code into the touch screen control panel or by swiping at the reader below it. The iLockerz software will then scan the in-built database and swiftly establish the permission rights of the individual. Should the user be authorised to remove equipment from iLockerz at that time, access will be granted.

Upon retrieval of an asset, the smart lockers automatically record a unique time and date stamp alongside a colour photograph of the user that was granted access. Through the use of pioneering RFiD technology, the iLockerz will also recognise each of the assets stored individually within and therefore log those that leave against the user’s account on both the touch screen and web based software. This information is then stored, and may be retrieved at any time remotely over Wi-Fi, an internal LAN network or via the touch screen control panel. 

What is RFiD?

RFiD stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. RFiD consists of an antenna and a small chip known as an RFiD tag. The job of the tag is to contain data (in iLockerz case a unique serial number) that can be recorded against a piece of equipment within the iLockerz software, and the job of the antenna is to emit radio waves, and then receive the signals back from the tags to be able to feed the software with current location and status information.

Keytracker locker systems are available on a purchase, lease or hire basis.

To see how the Keytracker locker systems can work for your business you can arrange a no-obligation demonstration at your premises by calling the team on 0121 559 9000, emailing the team on or visiting online.


Honeywell Digital Video Manager helps improve operator efficiency and mitigate business risk

Honeywell (NYSE:HON) has announced enhancements to Honeywell Digital Video Manager (DVM). The latest release, DVM R600, will enable organisations to more efficiently manage their security system with enhanced mobile capabilities and voice command, and mitigate business risk via support for current IT platforms.

Major updates to DVM include enhanced system access and usability, which are designed to improve operator efficiency and reaction time. Security personnel can now access high-definition, full-frame-rate video on a mobile device, for example, enabling continuous monitoring from almost any location. Operators can also control DVM using voice commands to more easily manage multiple video feeds and request near-real-time system updates.

“Every second is important to an organisation when an incident occurs and security staff must take immediate action if there is a threat,” said John Rajchert, president of Honeywell Building Solutions. “The latest update to DVM helps operators quickly identify and react to an issue to help mitigate the impact to safety and business continuity — no matter if they are in front of a central workstation or on the opposite side of a campus, connected with a smartphone.”

Along with an improved user experience, DVM R600 promotes IT integration and compliance with support for current Microsoft operating systems and databases, including Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11 and SQL Server 2014. (Windows Server 2003 is not recommended because security systems running on the platform could be vulnerable to breaches since it’s no longer supported by Microsoft, as reported, and will not receive further updates.) In addition, DVM R600 allows customers to deploy and intelligently group multiple back-up servers to boost system robustness, which helps protect surveillance systems from failures.

Other DVM upgrades focus on:

Speeding data collection — Security operators can export footage from multiple camera feeds in unison to streamline incident response and workflow, and quickly collect and archive forensic data in the event of an incident.

Reducing storage requirements — Dynamic recording enables the system to capture critical video under higher frame rates, while collecting less important footage at lower frame rates, trimming storage requirements and costs up to 40 percent.

“Our surveillance system has always been robust, utilising hundreds of cameras throughout both our facilities to promote visitor safety and security,” said Tom Owen, operations manager for Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions, which manages the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Australia. “However, the IT infrastructure required large storage capacity and as many as 15 standalone PC servers. We have cut our costs significantly with DVM R600 by using the system’s single-server virtual machine environment, and intelligent redundancy of storage, processing and memory. The new architecture has also helped to lower life-cycle and maintenance costs.”

DVM is a component of Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), an award-winning building management system that ties all aspects of a security solution together, including video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection. EBI also integrates comfort, life safety, energy and other core facility controls, providing users with a single point of access to the essential information and resources needed to monitor, manage and protect a facility, campus or multi-site operation. As a result, security operators have optimised visibility and intelligence, and have the ability to deploy their staff and resources more efficiently and effectively.

For more information, visit, follow HoneywellBuild on Twitter and join the Honeywell Connected Buildings group on LinkedIn.

Honeywell ( is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; turbochargers; and performance materials. For more news and information on Honeywell, please visit


Keytracker offer one month free trial to BFM readers

keytracker-offerWho are Keytracker Ltd?

Keytracker Ltd produce the largest range of systems that are designed to effectively manage, track and control keys and assets. Established in 1996 and based in the West Midlands, we provide cost-effective management solutions for the work place, ensuring maximum security and tracking for keys and assets.

Keytracker systems have significantly reduced the amount of time spent managing keys across many industries. Offering quick and easy access for authorised personnel, our systems ensure keys and assets are never lost or forgotten, offering complete security and guaranteeing organisation and fast access at all times.

The Keytracker Mechanical Systems were originally created for the automotive industry but over the years we have developed our product range to meet the needs of any organisation that requires effective key management and control, from Mechanical Pegboards through to Electronic Key management systems, intelligent ilockerz and Key Control Software. All of our products are now widely used in both the public and private sectors by manufacturers, property agents, retailers, educational establishments, car dealers, the emergency services and many more, and with an ever expanding agent and distribution network, our products and services are now used and respected internationally.

What is Key Control Software?

One of our most recent products, designed and developed exclusively by the Keytracker team, is our Key Control Software. Key Control Software has been developed to help bridge the gap between our Mechanical & Electronic Key Systems and is a simple, yet powerful, online, key tracking application.

This software has been designed with many potential uses in mind, however its sole purpose is to track keys in, out and even between, sites. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with any other Keytracker system and can be hosted on either a dedicated Keytracker server- much like the cloud, or on a local network. The bespoke web link makes it easy for you to access and it is available on a wide range of devices, such as PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

How can KCS help me to manage my keys more effectively?

Key Control Software allows you to add all of your staff, key and important information into the database, therefore allowing you to track all of your key movements in detail. In order to do this, keys must be ‘Checked In’ and ‘Checked Out’ of the application by any member of staff using them, either manually or with the barcode scanner provided, this will then create an audit trail of movements that can be monitored, and even exported, to show you at a glance who has which keys at any time. The ‘Key Reports’ report builder also allows senior staff to create bespoke reports of user transactions, which could include anything from checking keys in and out to adding or deleting a key. Giving you complete control over your key management.

There are also different modules that can be used with Key Control Software, such as the Signature Pad, Geo Tracking and Handover modules. The Signature Pad module can work in conjunction with the software for proof of transaction. It features a touchpad & stylus and shows the signature on the computer screen, for additional security and management.

The handover module allows users to easily handover a key set to another user, rather than check the key into KCS & then checking it back out. For example, this is especially useful if keys are to be handed over when drivers meet at another branch or site.

With the Geo Tracking module enabled, if the user is logged into the software from a mobile device such as an iPhone or tablet, the check in or check out procedures will record the GPS location of the transaction.

This is then viewable from a Google map so that you can see exactly where transactions occurred. Ultimately, these modules can add an extra level of security and management to tracking your keys.

Additionally, the layout of KCS is so simplistic that learning and getting used to the software takes very little time and will easily become part of your daily routine, ensuring you never lose track of your keys again. However, our dedicated Keytracker specialists are here to support you and your business should you have any questions about the software or have any technical difficulties.

Throughout October we are offering BFM readers the chance for a no obligation, one month free trial of KCS to prove exactly how this software could help to improve your key and asset management.
Simply register online at and enter code ‘BFMKCS’ at the checkout and a member of our team will be in touch to organise your free trial.

KAC Extends its Security Device Range with New M8 Triple Pole Call Point

Market leading manufacturer of evacuation devices, KAC Alarm Company, has extended its security range with a new Triple Pole Call Point designed to provide greater functionality for the access control market.

The M8 device is for use with internal security controlled locking systems and provides a compliment to KAC’s double and single pole variants. The third pole provides additional flexibility to activate a local alarm or sounder or to connect to the building’s security system. Activating a combined evacuation response from a single device supports today’s growing demand for building system integration.

Raxa Chauhan, KAC Product Manager, comments: “KAC is renowned for call point manufacturing having pioneered the technology more than 40 years ago. The market for security devices presents a key growth opportunity. The new M8 device, with its triple pole feature is ideal for integrated systems, where both access control and security monitoring is required.

“As the M8 has a third pole, it can switch three separate circuits. This ensures failsafe unlocking of the exit and supports best practice evacuation in the event of an emergency. With its contemporary, installer friendly design and choice of security function markings, this device can adapt to meet the needs of any indoor security call point application, achieving the fastest, most cost effective installation.”

The M8 Triple Pole call point extends KAC’s security device range, which includes indoor and outdoor call points for door security and evacuation, Audio Visual devices and a choice of switches and accessories.

For more information, please visit