Ecophon acoustic ceilings go completely green

Ecophon has converted its entire range of acoustic solutions to a plant-based binder, taking 24,000 barrels of crude oil out of the production per annum and reducing emissions accordingly. By using the new plant-based binder across their product families Ecophon is now also able to introduce guaranteed recycling of all products manufactured from 3rd generation glasswool.

 “Our ambition is to have a sound effect on people, in everything we do. To do this we always strive to stay ahead of market and regulatory demands,” said Will Jones from Ecophon. “The plant-based binder is a major development. Anybody on the lookout for green acoustic solutions no longer has to hunt for particular products, they can just turn to us.

“We give great detail to detail, so we’ve spent some time investigating that the plant-based binder would actually deliver regarding functional quality and acoustic values. It was also important that our products as a whole, not as separate components, comply with standards. That makes them true solutions. Instead of launching a green product line, we decided to convert every single Ecophon product in accordance with our sustainability goals.”

Ecophon is actively committed to sustainability and uses glass wool based on more than 70% recycled glass, and without fossil raw materials. One recycled bottle is enough to make 1.5 panels. Only water-based paints made from safe materials are used, and the products have no added antimicrobial chemicals or formaldehyde.

The whole Ecophon range now complies with the toughest standards for indoor climate, including French VOC, A+ and California Emission Regulation. Acoustic values have also improved from an already high level.

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