Energy-efficient LifeBulb provides superior light in an instant

The ground-breaking new LifeBulb from UK-based innovative design company Zeta Specialist Lighting has been developed as a replacement for the traditional 60W incandescent light bulb and is set to light up homes and offices around the globe.

This energy-efficient innovation, which caught the eye of Her Majesty the Queen at an event organised by Prince Andrew in conjunction with the Technology Strategy Board in June this year – features a unique design that keeps the LEDs cool, which results in a longer life. And unlike most energy-efficient bulbs, the LifeBulb provides bright light – in an instant – there’s no ‘warm-up’ time delay.

The LifeBulb is fully dimmable and can be used in all common domestic triac dimming systems which makes it simple to install in homes. It lasts for 30,000 hours which translates to around 20 years in a domestic environment. Plus, as it only uses 12W of energy, equating to 20% of the running cost of a normal 60W bulb, the LifeBulb is extremely low on energy consumption, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and electricity bills.

Funding secured from the Technology Strategy Board and Defra, through the Small Business Research Initiative supported the design and development of the LifeBulb by the Bicester-based company which has been developing and manufacturing LED and solar powered lighting systems for 25 years.

Available to order online from the beginning of November at, the firm’s newly launched web shop for its comprehensive range of competitively priced, innovation-driven products including LED light bulbs, light fittings and specialist solar LED lighting systems; the LifeBulb costs £17.99.

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