Energy-saving pre-filter technology at HVACR 2018

Multi-specialist engineering contractor, ECEX, is planning a powerful presence at the HVACR Show at London’s ExCeL Centre from 23 to 25 January 2018.

The highlight of the company’s impressive stand will be ECEX Air Intake Screens. These long-lasting external protection filters can be retrofitted to air handling units, chillers, dry air coolers, condensers, cooling towers, air intakes and other HVAC systems.

ECEX is the industry leader in Air Intake Screens, which comprise a long-lasting, easy-clean polymer mesh that prevent airborne debris such as leaves, feathers, dust, road grit and pollen from clogging internal coil fins, perishable filters and other components.

The mesh traps airborne debris before it can enter and clog condenser coils and air intakes, but has a negligible impact on air flow. The screens can be cleaned quickly and easily using a soft brush or hose.

ECEX Air Intake Screens maximise airflow to the equipment, which boosts efficiency, shrinks running costs, cuts maintenance time for engineers and reduces energy consumption.

They also dramatically cut the risk of breakdown to externally-sited HVAC equipment, especially in Autumn with the falling of leaves, and in Summer or Spring, the start of the pollen season, because this scourge of hay fever sufferers everywhere poses a clear and present danger to vital HVAC components.

John Grenville, managing director of ECEX, said: “We are increasingly turning our eyes to overseas markets, but the UK market remains crucially important to us and we expect the HVACR Show to help us reinforce an already strong presence here.

“We are exhibiting at the Show because it offers a perfect opportunity for us to meet and talk to existing and prospective customers, all of whom will be under one roof at one time.”

“The show will allow us showcase an outstanding product – the ECEX Air Intake Screen – in front of thousands who will be able to see how simple yet effective it is.”

But, Mr Grenville added, the innovation doesn’t end with the Air Intake Screens themselves: “We have now developed the screens further with the launch of a fast and easy-fit version which uses powerful magnets to enable quick and simple installation in sensitive or difficult to reach areas: the ECEX Magnetic Track Mounting System – Magna-Track.”

Magna-Track makes the installer’s life easier by eliminating the need for drilling and making it possible to mount ECEX Air Intake Screens using neodymium magnets, the strongest commercially available magnets on the market. The screen installer simply inserts magnets into connectors, cuts track to length, assembles track and connectors and places them over intake opening.

Visit ECEX on stand number B38.

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