Have you had a second warning?

The Environment Agency has sent out second letters to organisations that qualify for ESOS

The letters have been sent to directors at each organisation which the Environment Agency believes will meet the ESOS qualification threshold. The intention is to prompt organisations covered by ESOS to take action now to comply – rather than waiting until nearer the deadline.

Darryl Mattocks (pictured above), Managing Director of Enistic, energy management specialists based in Oxford, said ”We are urging you to consider this letter as a warning. Act now and ensure that you have a Lead Assessor working with you or risk not finding one as we get closer to the deadline of 5 December.

“There are only just over 700 qualified Leas Assessors to work with the 10,000 plus organisations that fall within the Regulations. Don’t wait for the last minute scramble, but get ahead and book a free consultation and scoping meeting with us to plan out how we can guarantee your ESOS compliance within deadline and all for a fixed fee.

“Remember that if one member of your group qualifies then the whole group is subject to ESOS and all UK energy supplies must be considered.”

Enistic can provide businesses with a Lead Assessor as part of the company’s Easy ESOS scheme which offers guaranteed compliance and peace of mind for an agreed fixed fee. The initial scoping meeting is a free service, to find out more see the Enistic website at www.enistic.com phone 0844 875 1600 or email info@enistic.com

About Enistic

Established in 2009, Enistic leads the way in Energy Management solutions. With headquarters in Oxford and subsidiaries throughout Europe, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa, Enistic has designed and implemented energy saving systems in organisations throughout the world; from start-ups to global giants.
Automatic energy Monitoring and Targeting, Measurement and Verification equipment and software is designed and developed in the UK to save energy, reduce costs and minimise carbon emissions.

  • ESOS
    By 5th December 2015 all large UK undertakings must conduct and report energy efficiency audits to the Environment Agency. This applies to:
    All organisations with over 250 staff
    Or turnover of over 50 million Euros (£38,937,777) and an annual balance sheet total in excess of 43 million euro (£33,486,489)

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