‘Invest in your employees now or risk losing them’

Skills shortage forecast to create fresh problems for construction firms as in-demand employees look to ‘jump ship’ for more money

Peace Recruitment, experts in the construction, property and engineering sectors, is warning construction companies to invest in existing employees now or risk losing them.

The skills shortage means demand for construction workers has never been so high, with pay going through the roof. Companies, many of which are working with limited capacity, are being forced to offer candidates the best possible deals to try and attract them.

However, many firms are forgetting to look after the workers they already have. According to Peace Recruitment, more and more under-appreciated workers are looking around to see what is on offer elsewhere, so companies need to act now to try and stop this from happening.

“We all know about the problems the skills shortage is causing the construction sector, but I’m afraid for many companies it could be about to get a whole lot worse,” explains Chris Peace, Managing Director of Peace Recruitment.

“Companies need to invest in their existing employees now or risk losing them, whether that’s increasing pay, upskilling or promoting. From what we are seeing firms are so focused on attracting new talent to their organisation that many are forgetting about their existing employees who are feeling unappreciated and disconnected. Many firms are working with limited capacity, which means they cannot take on any more work without hiring new staff, so all their attention is on attracting new workers and they are neglecting the people who are already there. This is especially true if companies are bringing in new talent on higher wages, without ensuring parity is kept.

“As a result of staff feeling undervalued many are beginning to look at the opportunities that lie elsewhere, where they are in high demand and where they will get paid more. And, of course, due to the skills shortage if you lose key members of staff it is very difficult to replace them. So we are urging all construction companies to, first and foremost, look after what they already have. Train, promote and invest from within, this has to be the top priority. If companies fail to do this morale and ultimately productivity will be reduced and staff will leave.”

Peace was reacting to the 2015 RICS UK Construction Survey results which found that the construction skills shortage problem is only getting worse, and that growth in the sector can only slow down unless a solution to this problem is found. The survey found that 63% of firms in the Scottish Construction industry were struggling to recruit skilled staff. It also found that, although the construction sector is currently growing, this can only last for so long before growth stalls.

For more information about Peace Recruitment visit www.peacerecruitment.co.uk.

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