Limescale Solution that’s Fit for a Gym

A popular leisure and fitness club in London has finally overcome its battle with limescale deposits and lime bloom in its changing and showering facilities thanks to the installation of KalGUARD, a scientifically-proven electrolytic device from Sentinel Commercial. Showerheads, cubicle walls and tiled flooring have all benefitted enormously from the eradication of limescale accumulation, ensuring that the facility maintains its well-earned, prestigious reputation – an important factor in such a highly competitive market.

Like 65% of the population in England, the gym is supplied with hard mains water (defined as water of more than 200ppm total hardness). Historically the site had no limescale prevention measures in place, so limescale deposition was rife and relentless. Worst affected was the gym’s changing room facilities, where limescale accumulated on showerheads, taps and shower panels, and lime bloom (also known as efflorescence) regularly appeared on cubicle wall and floor areas. The effect was proving not only unsightly for the large membership of this prestigious leisure club, but was increasing the time – and therefore costs – required for effective cleaning and maintenance.

To minimise the costs associated with limescale and improve the appearance of the gym’s facilities, the club’s site management consulted with Sentinel Commercial, the UK’s leading water treatment specialist in the commercial and industrial sectors. As a result, a 54mm KalGUARD limescale prevention system, comprising a zinc anode unit, water meter, filter and controller, was selected to deal with the problem.

KalGUARD permanently ‘conditions’ water in both new and existing systems by dosing it with a very low level of stable zinc via an electrolytic process that uses a zinc anode and a copper cathode. This forces naturally-occurring calcium carbonate crystals to form as soft non-deposit-forming aragonite rather than into hard, deposit-forming calcite (limescale).

This technology is not only recommended by the Compliance Guide to Part L of the UK Building Regulations for the control of limescale, it is also validated by independent tests carried out by Cranfield University. Furthermore, KalGUARD is installed successfully in thousands of commercial facilities across the UK – including those belonging to major hotel chains, international fast food outlets, leading supermarkets, restaurants, universities and offices, to list but a few – which gave the club’s management team every confidence in the product.

In 2012 the KalGUARD system was installed on the site’s rising main, before the water storage tanks and booster sets, allowing limescale control to be delivered to all hot and cold water outlets. The installation process took just one day, with minimal disruption to the business.

After just 60 days of operation, a significant reduction in limescale deposits and lime discolouration was clearly evident on all bathroom fittings and sanitaryware in the gym. The appearance of the cubicle walls and floor tiles also improved markedly, with lime bloom eliminated from the shower panels. Six months on and the showerheads were visibly clean apart from some very minor external streaking, while there was little or no deposition visible on the nozzles.

Routine showerhead cleaning has since become an extremely simple and quick task at the gym. KalGUARD has even made a positive difference to the floor tiles, which proved a real challenge due to the previous use of acid-based cleaners which had compromised the surfaces and led to permanent discolouration. Even so, far less limescale deposits are in evidence.

KalGUARD’s performance has been monitored regularly since its installation two years ago, and the results have been consistently impressive – demonstrating that this limescale solution really is fit for a gym.

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