New fire detection solution for high value properities provides a technology first

FireVu is introducing the first fire detection technology that combines Visual Smoke Detection (VSD), flame detection and now temperature sensing technology in the form of a built in thermopile.

The Multi Detector will offer architects and professionals responsible for fire safety a solution that will identify and analyse smoke and heat patterns to raise alerts. It is aimed at heritage and modern iconic high value properties, but is also suited to a range of large premises as used in the education, health and the public sector.

VSD technology operates by identifying characteristic smoke patterns across a video image. It analyses changes in a range of variables such as colour, brightness, contrast, shape, edge content, motion, colour matching and loss of detail to alert operators early to potential fire danger.

The addition of a thermopile to detect radiated heat will give the advantage of raising alerts by using a completely different technology – a double check.

Simon Jenkins, product manager for FireVu comments: “Visual Smoke Detection is already a very effective and proven technology, combining it with thermal radiated heat detecting technology gives us an architecural solution not offered by competitors.”

The Multi Detector will be offered to high value properties and other industries where FireVu has established a strong presence including manufacturing, power generation, airports and air hangars.

FireVu is a brand of the solutions arm of AD Network Video, part of surveillance monitoring pioneer AD Group.

Pauline Norstrom, chief operating officer of AD Group comments: “AD Group is about investing in development and offering innovative solutions to real world problems. The Multi Detector is a remarkable three in one solution combining smoke, flame and thermal detection in a single product that will provide early visual warning of potential fire risks in irreplaceable heritage buildings and iconic modern properties.

FireVu was first developed in the mid-1990s. We have regularly refined and improved the technology’s effectiveness since and will continue to do so.”

FireVu’s property client base includes The Gherkin, London Guildhall and the Co-Op HQ.


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