New workplace catering business launches in the City

Grazing Catering, a flexible workplace and venue food company, was launched recently, aiming to offer customers a new and unconventional foodservice offer.

The company, focused solely on the business and industry sector, will provide contract options ranging from traditional fixed-term agreements, right the way through to a new ‘pay as you go’ model.

The new model, aimed at small and large businesses, will enable clients to partner with the company without being tied into long-term contracts.

Services will range from full in-house workplace restaurants, hospitality and directors dining, to regular or ad-hoc breakfast and lunch deliveries prepared off-site at the company’s new kitchens on the edge of the City.

The purpose-built kitchens, costing around £400,000 to construct, will provide Grazing Catering with the ability to prepare a broad range of fresh food services for companies without their own onsite facilities.

The business is being launched by Sam Hurst, founder of Grazing Food, which currently operates an event catering and food delivery company to clients across London and the South East.

Hurst said: “The traditional contract catering landscape is changing dramatically. We’ve seen dilution of boundaries between high street and workplace catering, with the former increasingly offering direct to office services.

“The flexibility these businesses provide means traditional caterers need to be more nimble with their approach. That’s why we’ve introduced our ‘pay as you go’ contracts.

“Whilst our new business will offer traditional contracted services, including investment where required, we will also offer quality food on a daily rolling basis. No contracts or long-term commitments are required.”

He adds: “We appreciate that space is at a premium in the City and there are many businesses looking to maximise every square foot possible, that’s why our offsite kitchen gives them that additional flexibility.”

Grazing Catering already has business and industry clients in the City, operating in the tech, insurance and media sectors.

Hurst explains: “We’ve been providing events and food delivery services for some time to a wider array of corporate clients. Many of these have asked us to provide a broader range of services to them so, whilst we are formally launching this dedicated new business today, we have been providing these services informally for some time.

He added: “The B&I market is consolidating daily and we feel we can offer something a little bit different to the market. We have the infrastructure to challenge some of these players and are excited to see what the future holds.”

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