Plasloc supplies screening and hoarding solutions for ‘big four’ firm’s HQ

Plasloc has supplied Ernst & Young (EY), recognised as one of the ‘big four’ professional service companies, with screening in the form of a curved demo wall for its London-based headquarters.

The wall is in the main reception of the company’s headquarters and is in place during a period of construction work at the offices.

Steve Matthews, the founder of Plasloc, comments on the installation: “Being such a successful and well-known company, it was important that the reception area of Ernst & Young looks sleek and professional in appearance despite the ongoing building work. We are pleased that our screens allowed the company to achieve this.

“At Plasloc we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to provide our clients with partitions that blend seamlessly not just with their environment but also with the day-to-day running of their businesses. At EY, our team worked diligently to install the screening outside of office hours, minimising the disruption caused to members of staff and allowing the company to function as normal.”

The screens installed by Plasloc at EY could not be secured at the base or top of the structure. Instead, a free-standing screen was needed and so Plasloc drew on the expertise of their in-house design team.

Steve comments further: “Our team produced a design created specifically for this project. We then sent this proposal to structural engineers to ensure its safety before installing the screen.”

As well as safety, Plasloc also prioritises the easy removal of its products and, as part of this project, flooring and joinery protection was installed to make sure that the temporary screens left no lasting impressions or damage on the building.

Plasloc specialises in producing environmentally friendly screening and hoarding solutions and can add Ernst & Jones to an extensive list of well-known clients which includes the likes of Amazon, Burberry, Tesco and the Royal Mail.

The company was founded by Steve Matthews, who identified a gap in the market for a cost-effective, sustainable, and innovative hoardings solution.

Having worked in the construction industry for many years, Steve found himself unhappy with the quality of traditional plywood and composite panel hoardings that were wasteful, costly, often unsafe; and time consuming on install.

His solution was Plasloc, a patented freestanding PVCu internal and external cladding system designed for a quality, quick installation and easy removal.

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