Powerstar to exhibit new energy storage solution at Sustainability Live 2015

Powerstar will be showcasing their market-leading voltage optimisation solutions, including the newly launched pioneering energy storage system Powerstar Virtue on stand L20 at Sustainability Live at the NEC on the 21st – 23rd April 2015.

Since the turn of the century the patented Powerstar voltage optimisation solutions have been not only saving private and public sector organisations money on their electricity bills but cutting carbon emissions as well.

The UK brand has grown into a world-leader in its field and now its research and development team have pushed the boundaries even further with Powerstar Virtue.

Like all Powerstar solutions the system is guaranteed to save money, but it does much more than this and since its recent launch Powerstar Virtue has already attracted huge interest.

How does Powerstar Virtue work?

In simple terms, Powerstar Virtue uses the patented Powerstar voltage optimisation technology and harnesses the induced negative power feedback to divert the energy saved from the installation of a voltage optimisation system to a storage medium. The system allows for savings in electricity costs by enabling users to come off-grid during times of high tariffs, diverting to the energy stored during times of low demand.

The solution can also be integrated with on-site renewable energy generation to combine the energy saved from the voltage optimisation system with that generated from the renewable energy source. As a result, renewable energy can be made more reliable.

Powerstar Virtue’s load controller dictates the amount of power required and the master controller manages the output of power to the storage medium, and communicates with the Powerstar voltage optimisation system to charge the batteries efficiently, diverting any excess current during charging back to the grid.

Powerstar Virtue also allows users to become a VPS (virtual power station) reliably forecasting how much power will be available at all times so informed decisions can be made on when stored energy should be used, which will lead to significant savings on electricity and take advantage of National Grid led initiatives such as FDR, STOR and EDR.

Unique and patented – induced negative power feedback

Between 70% and 80% of the savings achieved through Powerstar voltage optimisation are through the induced negative power feedback – generated as a result of the unique, patented design of the technology, and a key component for the Powerstar Virtue system. The remaining 20% to 30% savings are gained from the improvement in equipment efficiencies due to appliances operating at a voltage more suited to their operating requirements.

Integrated with long established successful technologies

Powerstar Virtue is integrated with either a Powerstar MAX or Powerstar HV MAX voltage optimisation system, both established technologies.

Powerstar MAX is an electronic-dynamic, variable voltage optimisation system that provides a stable voltage output by automatically adjusting and maintaining voltage at the optimum level. Powerstar MAX is ideal for sites with fluctuating voltage, high night loads or critical equipment requiring additional security.

Powerstar HV MAX provides a combined solution to common problems, combining a super low-loss amorphous core HV/LV transformer with integrated variable voltage optimisation technology, allowing for 11,000V input (other inputs available) and regulated 380V or user defined output.

The super-low loss amorphous core transformer used in Powerstar HV MAX will provide 3% to 10% savings on traditional HV/LV transformers. It is ideal for larger facilities and manufacturing sites with their own transformers.

Energy Storage – the way forward

Energy storage has emerged as one of the best solutions to address the fact that energy grids around the world are struggling to cope with the surge in demand for electricity, which continues to accelerate – in the UK peak demand on the grid is expected to increase six-fold by 2050 – and Imperial College London’s Energy Futures Lab has estimated that energy storage technologies could generate savings of £10bn a year by 2050 in the UK.

Storing energy for use at a time when tariffs are high is a natural and obvious progression. Storage is also crucial if we want a significant part of our energy to come from renewable sources. This new system makes a ‘virtue’ out of that necessity, providing the energy user with greater control and flexibility over their energy supply to avoid energy wastage and maximise savings.

Powerstar awards

Not surprisingly a host of awards and accreditations have been bestowed on Powerstar solutions, recognising the huge strides the solutions have made in the energy management market, cutting costs, carbon footprints, and CO2 emissions, while at the same time protecting customers’ corporate social responsibility and reputations.

Email info@powerstar.com to arrange a meeting and a full demonstration of Powerstar Virtue with a Powerstar team member at Sustainability Live.

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