Raising hygiene standards with Rotarad


With cleanliness the top priority within the healthcare sector, Rotarad’s radiator valve access kit, which allows access to the space behind the radiator, is a major step forward in raising hygiene standards.

Helping to fight the battle against infection

For the first time, the ingenious Rotarad kit makes full access behind the radiator panel, a both forgotten and inaccessible place, a reality. Allowing easy deep cleaning as well as the opportunity to completely redecorate a room, Rotarad offers clear benefits, including raised hygiene standards since the accessibility allows harmful bacteria, dust and other irritants that can trigger allergies to be conveniently and regularly removed. Rotarad may also help with infection control of so-called superbugs MRSA and C. diff.

Fully compliant and easy to install

The result of extensive market research and product testing, Rotarad is fully complaint with all current EU quality and health and safety regulations. Easily installed as either an original or retrofit, Rotarad is suitable for all sizes of conventional radiator.

Malcolm Keeling, product creator said, ‘Rotarad literally has the potential to help revolutionise attitudes and practises concerning cleanliness within our hospitals, clinics and care homes.’

Rotarad is available at independent plumbing and heating merchants, DIY outlets as well as via Rotarad direct.

For more information on the Rotarad radiator convertor kit and how it could benefit the healthcare sector, visit www.rotarad.com or call 01782 385152.

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