Rawlins ups the pressure with rights to Kaivac range

No-Touch Cleaning® backs up campaign for science-based approach

Denis Rawlins Limited has secured the rights to distribute Kaivac cleaning systems throughout the UK and Ireland in support of its campaign to promote science-based cleaning.

The company, which has been providing cleaning advice and equipment for more than 40 years, recently launched the campaign by calling on facilities managers and contract cleaners to ‘Chop the Mop’.

Managing Director James White says its exclusive deal with the innovative US manufacturer will help it break a widespread and unhealthy attachment to outdated and inefficient cleaning practice.

“We’re astounded that, given today’s higher awareness of hygiene and infection control, around 70% of hard floors are still mopped. Yet we know that mopping spreads rather than eliminates potentially harmful contaminants,” Mr White says.

“Our campaign to ‘Chop the Mop’ is borne out of our consultancy-led approach to selecting the most hygienic cleaning method based on scientific evidence. We undertake site audits and ATP* testing to measure the levels of bacteria before and after cleaning.

“This approach is well aligned with the Kaivac philosophy,” Mr White adds. “Kaivac is leading the way in the US with science-based cleaning that promotes hygiene and protects health and the environment.”

Based in Hamilton, Ohio, the US manufacturer developed the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® System, which combines pressure washing, chemical injection, wet vacuuming and other tools in a single platform.

Kaivac has been proven to deep-clean toilets and washrooms faster and more effectively than other methods. Studies show that Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® is up to 60 times more effective than mopping, and takes between a third and half the time.

The system is also multi-purpose. Using a range of attachments, Kaivac cleans just about every surface and space from floors, walls and ceilings to classrooms, stairwells and kitchens.

The range is designed to meet the needs of most establishments. Each model is powered to pressure-wash at up to 34.5 bar (500psi), the main variations being in the size of machine, capacity of water and recovery tanks and vacuum hose length.

  • The Kaivac 2150, which has a 75-litre (21 gallon) water tank and slightly smaller vacuum tank, has the capacity and accessories to clean large facilities such as airports, stadia and factories efficiently.
  • The Kaivac 1750 – with 64-litre (17 gallon) tanks, and a removable ‘Black Box’ engine compartment for easy access and repair – caters for a wide variety of buildings from schools, nursing homes and restaurants to retail stores and residential properties.
  • The Kaivac 1250 – similar in design but even more compact and lighter, with a 45-litre (12 gallon) capacity – is highly manoeuvrable for smaller buildings or more cramped facilities.

Denis Rawlins Limited provides a free, no-obligation demonstration on your premises.

* ATP meters measure levels of Adenosine TriphosPhate, a universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacterial, yeast and mould cells.

Further information is available on the Denis Rawlins Limited website: www.rawlins.co.uk/kaivac or contact the sales office on 0121 351 4444.

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