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Keytracker was formed in 1996. Today, the company are a one stop shop for probably the widest product range of secure storage and management for keys and equipment across the globe.

Working with their customers Keytracker are continually developing the systems to meet their ever changing requirements, and Ongoing Research and Development, enables Keytracker to make life easier for their customers. The company specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of key and management systems.

Keytracker’s key cabinets and locker systems are all designed and assembled in-house and have proved to be the Birmingham-based company’s biggest seller – serving customers worldwide.

Keytracker’s Key Secure and iLockerz electronic systems feature the technological capability to only supply keys / equipment to authorised personnel; personnel with specific authorisation or training to operate particular pieces of equipment.

All of the electronic systems record a full audit detailing the history of an items usage, keeps track of the time of use, the user who retrieved or returned items and for those featuring camera ID a photograph of the user actually entering the cabinet. Alerts, reports and alarms can be configured to notify managers by e-mail or in some cases SMS; reports are exportable to Excel for reference at a later stage if required. The managers can then monitor usage patterns for either pure security of monitoring processes – maximising the use of their assets and ultimately saving time and money.

Key Management systems

Keytracker offers a number of systems: the original Mechanical – a simple cost effective “peg in – peg out” solution based on the old tally system. Ideal for any business small or large, it can be used as a standalone wall mountable board or fitted in a bespoke high security steel cabinet in areas where additional security is required, no power needed. Key Plus – turns the mechanical board with cabinet into an electronic system providing a complete audit trail whilst retaining the essence of an economical solution. Elite – optimised for simple and efficient management of a large number of keys; and E-System’s with individual locking for the secure management of keys in sensitive and high risk company sectors.

The electronic systems use Windows based software, with options including a web-based application for remote administrator access, reports, alerts user profile changes etc.

Cabinet access varies depending on the system, however most offer PIN or fingerprint as standard with the option to utilise either barcode or magnetic swipe card access, especially useful where an existing access system is already in place. Keytracker supply a number of cabinet sizes, storing between 5-960 keys per cabinet, some of the electronic systems may also be linked to offer unlimited key storage either on one site or multiple locations. However many bunches of keys a business needs to control, even if it’s thousands, or hundreds of thousands they have a suitable system to effectively manage, secure and control them.

Keytracker’s operations to secure keys led to a natural progression to offer benefits to a wider customer base with the capability to manage and secure any piece of equipment. This provided the company with many new challenges to meet customer requirements. Frontline feedback however led to a true analysis of the main functions that were both feasible and cost effective for their customers to introduce.
The cutting edge solution, iLockerz combines great systems, seamless support and market leading knowledge offering customers value for money, innovation, quality and reliability whilst enabling them to get the most from their tools and equipment.

The CE approved, stand alone locker systems effectively manage the assets, tools and shared portable equipment that are required for the day-to-day operation of a business.

The system features a twin cam locking mechanism, anti-tamper design and construction, LED lighting inside the lockers, photographic record of user logging on the system, 24-hour standby battery backup and the all-important industry leading RFiD technology tags and readers.

Using iLockerz in four simple steps:
  1. Attach iLockerz RFiD tag to equipment and register via web interface or touch screen panel.
  2. Log in using swipe card, personal PIN code or fingerprint.
  3. Open and remove chosen asset.
  4. Close and continue to work without hassle – iLockerz automatically records usage and status of equipment.

Available in a number of size variants depending on the equipment that the customer requires to track or manage, the iLockerz system has a variety of customisable options, including:

  • Breathalyser integration
  • Charging ports
  • GPRS asset tracking
  • SMS alert feature

Keytracker’s mission statement for iLockerz reads:
“iLockerz Ltd strive to provide the world’s most exciting and innovative range of equipment tracking and management systems that allow any organisation to securely manage the assets that are important to effective operation. By combining great systems with the support and knowledge of an enthusiastic team, iLockerz endeavour to make the management of equipment an easy and hassle free experience so that customers can focus on what really matters to them.”

Keytracker’s solutions have been installed in many different locations through the world. In the UK, Keytracker cabinets and lockers are used at a number of high security locations as well as normal business premises where management is a key factor too. Predominantly used to control the use of keys, however they can also monitor and track the usage of communication equipment, maintenance tools, and even weapons when utilising iLockerz.
For further information, please call Keytracker on 0121 559 9000, email enquiries to or visit the company’s website at

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