Siemens UK launch SiNVR

An advanced security management control platform

In response to a market that is increasingly demanding high level technology that will assess and manage critical situations, distribute information and co-ordinate and manage resources, leading security and safety solutions provider, Siemens Building Technologies is launching SiNVR. A security management control platform that delivers a working environment that is intelligent, responsive and adaptable.

This advanced security management platform will integrate and manage multiple security subsystems offering full protection of assets to create a safe and automated working environment.

The SiNVR high-performance platform has been developed to add significant operational value to organisations by not only improving security and safety but also by managing critical situations, reducing costs and enhancing procedures.

The new platform has been developed to integrate and control CCTV, intruder detection, access control and perimeter protection devices, managing every incident through to conclusion.  This improves efficiency and enhances operations and security, while reducing risks and costs. Operators are automatically prompted to take the correct action and the software will automatically set in motion a sequence of pre-agreed activities to ensure the right procedures are adhered to, as well as distributing essential information across multi agencies.   This integration of multiple disciplines provides centralised situational awareness, enhancing overall safety and security as it allows cross functional capabilities.

As the public sector faces stringent cuts and the private sector has to operate with a leaner cost structure, the challenge is for public institutions, critical infrastructure and corporate business to lower costs whilst reducing risk and improving operations and security.  The SiNVR platform enables organisations to meet both current and future security and safety challenges, as well as maximise their investment in technology.

Tony O’Brien, head of sales for Siemens Building Technologies Solution and Service Portfolio, highlights the reasons why the SiNVR security management platform is so advanced and set to raise standards across the UK market:  “SiNVR is based on completely open protocols, not only patching seamlessly into IT-structures but also offering open interfaces for any external subsystem.  The software will seamlessly connect the world of analogue and digital, having the ability to manage many thousands of devices, customers will be able to fully integrate both new and legacy technology and maximise their existing investment.

Tony adds, “Importantly, SiNVR is completely scalable with additional “building blocks” to enhance, complement and expand security activities as operational needs change.  The software enables customisation, meaning it can meet bespoke security requirements, furthermore it is modular, making it the optimum solution for small, mid-size and high-security applications”.

The software platform is designed to protect critical infrastructure as well as meet the demands of today’s corporate organisations and can be applied across a wide range of industry sectors including: financial and commercial institutions; property management; manufacturing and engineering facilities; power generation and distribution; transportation networks, ports and airports; government agencies including police and local authority urban surveillance.

Particular features include:

Sophisticated creation and maintenance of site plans as the software can directly read and display AutoCAD™ and DXF™ files, delivering fast and exact construction of dynamic site plans that can easily be updated or expanded from their native file source as site conditions change.

Video forensics through storage of video analysis meta-data, enabling search and playback of any event using a combination of search criteria, offering a powerful, rule based, post analysis tool for improved intelligence and greater operator efficiency.

Camera tampering detection with immediate alerts, via cyclical checking of video sources to detect any rotation, blurring, barrier blinding and noise level changes.

Onscreen pre-configured prompts ensure that an agreed set of instructions will automatically inform the operator to take the appropriate action. Instructions based on real-time data and managed from a central command and control point have consistently proved to be the most effective.

Dynamic and interactive mapping allows the set up parameters of each camera so site maps display orientation, angle of view and target distance of each camera. The user simply clicks site plan and the camera will automatically view the required area.

Full reporting via a database that delivers all system and event logging, including provision of intelligence and multi-user handling. Reports can be customised or designed to meet customer requirements’.

SiNVR security management platform improves the assessment, management and resolution of critical situations, the distribution of crucial data and the co-ordination of resources. In line with the need for both the public and private sectors to lower costs, this software platform will enable improved operational performance, safer communities, safer business, improved shared services, greater efficiencies and cost reductions.

working with control platforms and he will be delivering a paper entitled Smart Working Environments,  as part of the  IFSEC Academy programme looking at key issues facing the security industry, being held in the Smart Buildings Theatre on 18 June 2014. The focus of the presentation will be on how fully integrated smart and intelligent building technologies can positively affect the bottom line and also create a secure comfortable and automated working environment.

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