Firms encouraged to take on an apprentice this GCSE results day

On this GCSE results day, leading workplace audit and contract solutions provider, Hudson Contract has teamed up with firms Matthews & Leigh Civil Engineering and H&L Construction Solutions Limited to encourage construction companies to offer school leavers an Apprenticeship.

Matthews & Leigh in Chorley and H&L Construction Solutions in West Wycombe both employed an apprentice 12 months ago with full sponsorship from Hudson Contract through its 20th anniversary scholarship scheme.

Jordan Goulding (19) studied at level 2 Apprenticeship in Construction Operations at Preston College and Matthews & Leigh, and is now fully qualified. He has learned crucial skills to further his career in the construction industry, including laying drainage for housing and concreting. While Joe Lafbery (22) is completing an Apprenticeship with H&L Construction Solutions, assisting an experienced carpenter and studying at Oaklands College in St Albans.

Joe said: “I am really enjoying my Apprenticeship. I see no better industry than construction in terms of the different paths it can lead you down; after all, we will never stop building. At a young age, you may not know where to turn career wise, but you cannot go wrong getting into the building game with a trade behind you. I was always told that and I will relay it on to anyone coming of age.”

Keith Rea, Construction Training Manager at Matthews & Leigh said: “Bringing in apprentices is good for the progression of the company. Having young blood and being able to train them how we want to is important in order to build a sustainable company. For apprentices, construction is a great opportunity as it gives them the chance to work as a team and develop new skills and relationships which will help them in future life and building a career for themselves.”

Lee Casey, Managing Director at H&L Construction Solutions, said: “Joe was one of the first apprentices we have ever taken on. We’re a young company but really want to support young people who will play an important part in growing our business. We’re really pleased with the work that Joe has done with us and he’s become an integral part of our team here at H&L Construction Solutions.”

David Jackson, Founder and Chairman of Hudson Contract added: “With a lifetime of working in construction, I remain passionate about championing our industry as a great place to work and doing everything I can to make it a profession of choice for young people today.

“Apprenticeships are crucial to enticing new talent into the industry because they provide the perfect environment for people to kick-start their careers. The combination of practical guidance and on-the-job training from employers and the skills learned at college, give apprentices a solid foundation for working in the trades. I’d encourage companies across the country to consider hiring an apprentice and young school leavers to look to the industry for their career.”

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Hudson Contract encourages young people to pursue a career in construction

Workplace audit and contract solutions provider launches new video campaign aimed at addressing industry skills shortages

Hudson Contract is encouraging young people across the country to pursue a career in construction with a new video campaign featuring apprentices, employers, Ian Billyard, Principal of Leeds College of Building and MP for East Yorkshire, Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight.

Aimed at addressing potential industry skills shortages and inspiring young people to take up Apprenticeships in the different construction trades, from bricklaying to plumbing, the video highlights the benefits of a career in theindustry, for the individual and the wider sector.

Recommendations from both male and female apprentices in the construction industry can be heard throughout the video. The true-to-life testimonials of their experiences in the industry are designed to inspire other young people to consider and pursue a career in construction.

Managing Director of Hudson Contract, Ian Anfield can also be heard giving advice on the best ways to embark on a career in the construction industry, which he strongly believes is through an Apprenticeship.

Hudson Contract Founder and Chairman, David Jackson said: “The success stories highlighted in the video are confirmation that dedicated Apprenticeship Schemes not only work, but inspire and excite young people beginning their career in the construction industry. We hope that our commitment to developing confident, passionate and motivated apprentices, alongside the introduction of the new Apprenticeship Levy launched by the Government in April, will play both a big part in addressing the potential skills shortage in the construction industry and inform young people of some of the exciting opportunities available to them.”

View the full Hudson Contract campaign video here – or watch below.

Why Choose Construction from Hudson Contract



Novus Property Solutions’ Apprentice of the Year, Glen Speight, is encouraging other young people to join the ranks of the leading property maintenance specialist.

Glen, who is based at Novus’ East Midlands office, was recently named the company’s 2014 Apprentice of the Year and has wasted little time in becoming a vocal supporter of its rewarding apprentice programme.

Novus is offering full-time opportunities for 22 apprentices across a range of trades, including carpentry and joinery as well as decorating and maintenance. The company’s apprentices are guided by an apprentice manager who mentors them throughout their training and supports their college-based learning. On site they work alongside qualified tradespeople and benefit from their expertise.

Glen said: “The scheme is a fantastic chance for young people with the right attitude and potential to start to build a career. I’ve not looked back since I joined Novus and I would encourage anyone else considering an apprenticeship to take that first step and get their application in today.”

Novus has a long history of supporting apprentices with its current chairman, Stuart Seddon, and managing director, Neil Hand, both starting out at the company as apprentices.

Neil comments: “Supporting the next generation of tradespeople is integral to our business and it is something we have successfully done for over 75 years now. When I joined the company more than 30 years ago, I never thought I would become the joint MD, but it’s testament to the support network provided by the company that I was able to do so.”

Candidates must be available for selection trials in August 2015 and ready to enrol for their college course in September 2015. To find out more about how to apply please contact Jackie Budden on or 01782 598000

For more information about Novus Property Solutions please visit

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