Reduce your cooling costs by 90% with EcoCooling’s direct evaporative cooling, ventilation and control systems

With over 3500 installations worldwide, UK based EcoCooling are innovators in low energy, direct evaporative cooling and ventilation technologies. They have developed energy efficient cooling solutions to suit all types of buildings including data centers, comms rooms, industrial, retail and commercial.

 EcoCooling’s 1500m² of warehousing provides a manufacturing and R&D facility, as well as a storage base for all spares and coolers. This ensures that short lead times and adequate supply of spares are guaranteed.

 Founded in 2002 EcoCooling provides energy efficient and low carbon alternatives to air conditioning. Developed from one of the oldest and simplest technologies known to man, EcoCooling have taken the concept of direct evaporative cooling and reengineered it to provide a sophisticated cooling and ventilation system that can outperform the alternatives on most counts.

Fresh Air Cooling with EcoCooling can provide a 3m3/s or cool a 30kW load from 1kW of power at a cost of under 14p per hour. Energy use can further be reduced by the use of EC  (Electrically Commutated) fans in IT environments.

Simple ventilation can provide a perfectly satisfactory solution to cooling many industrial and commercial premises, however recent advances in fan technology, controls and evaporative cooling have now taken this principle to a new level of performance, which has proven to be very popular for industrial purposes.

 EcoCoolers can either be used for blanket cooling a building or for spot cooling of workstations and production lines. The solution is perfect for factories, warehouses, and mezzanine floors. Clients include: TKMaxx, Cummins Diesel, Net-a Porter, and Matalan.

The EcoCooler is highly cost effective in comparison to traditional refrigerant air conditioning, and can operate on less than 10% of the running cost.

Cummins Diesel Engines recently invested in 42 EcoCoolers, due to very hot uncomfortable temperatures on their main shop floor. These units introduce fresh, chilled and filtered air to the various workstations throughout their production facility. They are all controlled from two floor mounted centralised control panels. The system reduces summertime temperatures from over 30Co to a far more comfortable 21C.

Many locations can maintain compliant conditions by using only ‘free cooling’ (fresh air).  Multiple EC fans can be connected directly to simple temperature controllers giving the simplest of automated solutions. PLC’s can be used where more stringent conditions have to be met or when heating and cooling systems need to be integrated.

Ventilation coupled with evaporative cooling and modern controls can provide industrial and commercial premises with a sophisticated air handling system that can compare with any air cooling refrigeration system at a fraction of the energy cost and provide a high level of control of the environment.

The EcoCooler is also available in several different configurations, meaning they are suitable for any location and are easy to install and come with minimal maintenance.

Versatile Product ranges:

EXTERNAL PRODUCT RANGE (ECP): Proven Technology and Results

The ECP range of coolers can be installed externally or inside a plant room. The standard unit is down flow, however top and side discharge configurations are also available.

INTERNAL PRODUCT RANGE (ECT): Compact and Flexible Solutions

The ECT range of coolers are designed to be installed internally. They have multiple configuration options to allow for easy installation into rooms with limited space. Worried about getting it into your room? The ECT5400 will fit through a single door! Worried about water in your facility? For complete peace of mind a sophisticated alarm and leak detection system, capable of cutting off the water supply, has been incorporated into all of our internal products

EcoCooling’s R&D Department and Patents

EcoCooling are credited with revolutionising the control systems required to use the equipment in IT and air handling systems. The in-house R&D department works to incorporate the latest energy efficient technologies into all product ranges ensuring our clients have some of the most innovative ventilation and cooling systems in the world. This focus on innovation has also resulted in EcoCooling holding a number of patents for fresh air technologies.

Our complimentary in-house design consultancy service capitalises on our vast industry experience to work closely with consultants and clients to design the most efficient systems possible.

If you are having temperature problems in your factory please contact us on the number below.

More information and case studies are available on our website.

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Case Study:



Hewitech is offering one of the most comprehensive ranges available of plastic media for use in cooling towers.

The company offers a variety of fill and drift eliminators suitable for all types of natural draught and induced draught cooling towers as used in the energy and water industry, as well as for industrial and HVAC purposes.

For fill packs, the company offers the Hewitech CF19 and the Hewitech NB25 products.  The CF19 comprises a module of 2400 x 310mm with a height of either 600mm or 300mm.  Made from PP and PVC, the module is cross-flow welded with an opening of 2 x 19mm.  The NB25 is a vertical fill product with standard dimensions of 480 x 500mm and a height of 445mm but modules can be made up to 3600mm long.  The vertical channels of this PP and PE material are 50mm.

Both fill products are designed for fast and safe installation due to their high module strength, have a high surface area for maximum cooling performance, and have excellent temperature performance up to 80°C.  Where required, the fill can be supplied in loose formed sheets for reduced shipment costs and then assembled on site with welding machines.  These products are ideal for use in new cooling tower installations, and also by maintenance service providers for the cooling tower industry.

Drift eliminators are the last line of defence in any evaporative system and are vitally important in reducing the risk from Legionella.  For this application Hewitech offers both blade eliminators and cellular eliminators to satisfy the requirements of most applications.  Made from PP and PVC, Hewitech’s DEP156, 177 and 187 provide opening spaces of 33, 38, and 44mm respectively, with respective blade heights of 156, 177 and 187mm.  Hewitech’s cellular eliminator DE125 is Eurovent, Paris certified, and is a module measuring 2400 x 600 x 125mm with an opening of 34mm.  Both blade and cellular eliminators are made to operate at temperatures of up to 80°C.

With a 20-year pedigree, Hewitech works with experienced specialists who have fundamentally developed cooling tower installations in recent years.  Hewitech’s products provide greatly increased water treatment, a significantly longer service life of installations, and high thermal efficiency.  The company also offers full technical support to ensure best practice use of its products in cooling tower applications.

Further information on cooling tower products is available from Hewitech UK on 01242 821678 or by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at