Something for everyone at Trade Fair & Convention

HAE EHA Trade Fair & Convention 2017

Ricoh Arena, Coventry, October 11-12

Members are urged to make a beeline for the HAE EHA Trade Fair & Convention at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on October 11-12 – where topics will include the latest industry initiatives for training and retaining staff, empowering women in the workplace and a safer working environment, all backed up by an impressive line-up of keynote speakers.

Being ‘sent to Coventry’ will benefit delegates at the convention as they get insights from, among others, Derek Redmond, an Olympic and world champion athlete who will be discussing improving performance and retaining talent. Financial expert Lee Coles, Head of Workplace Education at Jelf, part of Mercer Marsh Benefits, will be sharing his extensive knowledge concerning the wellbeing of employees and retirement planning.

Other speakers over the two days are HAE EHA Chairman Andy Martin, who will give the welcome and introduction and Guy Van Der Knaap, Managing Director of MCS. Guy is to deliver a presentation on how to make the best use of mobile devices to improve productivity. There will also be opportunities to network and share information and best practice with other members.

In addition, there will be training workshops including HAE’s ILM Level 5 Graduation scheme and the exciting developments in virtual reality (VR) programmes in partnership with the University of the West of England. Just one of the innovative VR training tools that will be featured at the show will give delegates the opportunity to control and operate a VR mini digger.

Richard Whiting of Commercial Training at HAE, said: “The training and NVQ programmes we’re offering are a far-reaching ‘cradle to grave’ approach to a career in hire. Virtual reality is an inventive way for us to demonstrate the training available throughout the hire supply chain. In addition to a virtual digger we also plan to have an articulated boom.”

To ensure a steady stream of talented people throughout the industry, it is essential that progression in the hire industry is open to all who show the skills and commitment required to successfully deliver high quality work on time.

Education and training to help career development and improve productivity is a strong theme of the convention and empowerment of women in the sector will be under the spotlight. A key factor in the future success of the industry will be tackling ways in which training programmes and changing attitudes can help women benefit from the huge variety of jobs which are available in plant, equipment and hire.

Tackling safety issues is also on the agenda at the Trade Fair & Convention. SafeHire is sponsoring the networking and refreshments area in the Ricoh Arena where anyone can drop by, speak to the team about the benefits of the scheme and book assessment dates to achieve the certification.

The area will have case study information from HAE members who have achieved certification and there will be plenty of examples of the good, the bad and the ugly instances involving safety – or the lack of it.

To discuss the opportunities for business improvement and the importance of being recognised for supplying safe, quality equipment there will be speaker sessions from construction industry bodies and Government procurement, along with a speaker panel fronted by the SafeHire plus Build UK.

The HAE EHA Trade Fair & Convention is open to all members but people wishing to attend need to register in advance as numbers are limited for catering, workshops and guest speaker sessions.  For more details and sponsorship opportunities go to


Actavo expands branch presence in Scotland and the North-East

As part of an ongoing expansion of its local network across the UK, Actavo | Hire & Sales Solutions – a leading hire and sales merchant of non-mechanical construction equipment – is extending its Gateshead, Dundee, Manchester and Glasgow branches.

Alongside Actavo’s other depots in Scotland (Edinburgh) and the North (Teesside), the expanded branches will offer a wide range of specialised scaffolding, light access, temporary roofing and fencing, building equipment and fall prevention load deck safety systems.

Gary Johnstone, Regional Manager Scotland and the North, says: “Through our branch expansions, we’ve hired a number of additional team members, which is a vote of confidence in the local economy across Scotland and the North of England. Our Hire & Sales customer base ranges from sole traders to national contractors, a broad spectrum that helps define who we are.

“The Scottish construction sector remains buoyant with major government transport and energy projects planned for this year, as well as the housebuilding sector that continues to grow in confidence. With our expanded branch presence, we will be best-placed to deliver the support and product solutions this sector needs.”

Roger Hastie, CEO of Actavo | Structural Division, says: “It’s through our drive to deliver excellence that Actavo is continually strengthening access to its branches across the UK and Ireland. Our network of depots in the UK and Ireland – 35 and counting – brings us closer to our customers and facilitates fast, efficient and knowledgeable local service.

“The expansion of our depots in Gateshead, Dundee, Manchester and Glasgow demonstrates the business’s development and evolution to continue to meet the various and changing needs of our growing, loyal customer base.”

Actavo Dundee opened on 16 January 2017 at 6 George Buckman Drive, DD2 3SP. Actavo Gateshead opens in March at 1-2 Nest Road, NE10 0ES. Actavo Glasgow and Actavo Manchester open their new, larger premises in the coming months.

All branches are open for business from 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

For more information, please visit:



MUV Electric Wheelbarrow wheels away inefficiency

The new MUV Electric Wheelbarrow, or mini-dumper, from Nu-Star Material Handling not only allows operators to transport heavy loads with ease, it eliminates the unnecessary ergonomic challenges and production halts associated with traditional wheelbarrow solutions. Furthermore, the savings made in reduced labour and enhanced efficiency ensure rapid return on investment in sectors that include construction, industrial, agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and gardening.

Demanding industries such as construction call for increased profitability and efficiency, while at the same time protecting workers from over-exertion. The MUV Electric Wheelbarrow eliminates the pushing and pulling required when using a conventional manual wheelbarrow and, since it has a push-button operated electric dump (capable of tipping loads up to 350kg), it also removes the lifting effort required when emptying/dumping a wheelbarrow.

With a choice of either 800W or 1,200W DC electric drive motors, the MUV Electric Wheelbarrow is virtually noise free in its operation, making it ideal for internal use and in areas where noise-pollution is a concern for local residents.

Since there are no handle-bar vibrations to cause Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) or ‘dead finger’ the Electric Wheelbarrow may be used without having to assess this potential risk to the operator (

The MUV Electric Wheelbarrow is available with both moulded industrial plastic and galvanized steel tubs, which may be interchanged by removing locking detent pins on the sub-frame. Other attachments, such as a flat-bed for transporting bricks, tiles and blocks are also available.

Power comes from two 12V, 90AHr batteries, each is sealed-for-life and maintenance free. The waterproof battery charger is fitted on-board and may be connected to either a 220V or 110V power supply. The batteries and battery charger are matched to enable opportunity charging, at any point in the charging cycle, thereby considerably extending run-time. A coloured, LED battery-charge indicator gauge on the control panel clearly shows the battery state.

Featuring a highly manoeuvrable design, the MUV Electric Wheelbarrow is operated using an infinitely variable, twist-grip throttle on the right handle in conjunction with a forwards/backwards direction switch on the control panel. Maximum speed is up to 4.6km/h for the 800W version and up to 6km/h for 1,200W version. An additional ‘tortoise’ mode switch on the control panel reduces maximum speed by 50% to enable inch-perfect positioning when activating the electric-tip and to help achieve a graduated release of the wheelbarrow contents.

The front drive wheels and rear swivelling castor are fitted with industrial foam-filled tyres, making them puncture-proof and impervious to the nails/screws and sharp objects often found on littering construction sites. In addition to regenerative braking provided by the 125Amp motor controller, there is a 6Nm electromagnetic brake for holding the wheelbarrow when on slopes and when in transit between locations.

Typical uses for the MUV Electric Wheelbarrow include:

  • Small internal and external construction projects
  • Barrowing concrete from roadside delivery lorries
  • Crop harvesting in glasshouses and poly-tunnels
  • External landscaping projects
  • Moving feedstuffs in stables and ‘mucking out’

No driving licence is required to use the MUV, which may be loaded quickly into a van or onto a trailer using three scaffold planks, a tail-lift or ramp.

The MUV Electric Wheelbarrow is now available for both sale and hire, direct from the OEM.

Nu-Star will be displaying the MUV Electric Wheelbarrow on stand X46 at The Executive Hire Show, taking place on the 11th and 12th February 2015 at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

Further information is available: Telephone: 0115 880 0070   Email: