Tamlite Lighting to celebrate 50th anniversary with continued investment and a series of events in 2017

Tamlite Lighting, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and designers of lighting, is celebrating its 50th year in business in 2017.

To mark this important milestone, the company has plans for a series of high-profile events throughout the year for customers and partners.

“We are proud of our legacy and quite rightly want to shout about our achievements, as well as share our plans for the future.” says Colin Lawson, Head of Sales, Marketing and Product Development at Tamlite.

 Continued growth

Since its beginnings in Telford, Shropshire in 1967, Tamlite has grown to become one of the UK’s largest privately owned lighting manufacturers. The company employs over 300 people in the Midlands, making it a significant contributor to the local economy. As it has expanded, Tamlite has remained committed to its British roots, with its extensive R&D and manufacturing activities now managed out of ten factories in Redditch and Telford.

Today, Tamlite offers around 500 product ranges and over 15,000 products, cementing its place as one of the industry leaders in cutting-edge lighting solutions across all sectors.

 50th anniversary events

Tamlite’s 50th Anniversary will be marked by major participation in high-profile industry events including CEF Live on 8th June 2017 and LuxLive in November 2017.  Both exhibitions offer a platform from which Tamlite can celebrate its milestone as well as demonstrate its commitment to the future.

“Very few lighting manufacturers can honestly say they have 50 years of heritage and experience,” says Colin Lawson.

“Here at Tamlite, we are extremely proud of our past and of course, we are excited about the future too. Our 50th birthday is an important marker in our history. For our customers, our heritage gives a layer of confidence in our expertise, our technology and our brand. For 50 years, we have remained wholly committed to our British roots and we continue to build upon this foundation. This adds yet another level of assurance to customers who choose Tamlite.”

 Investment and innovation

Colin Lawson believes the company’s longevity is down to its forward-looking approach.

“We never stand still, and continue to innovate: over the last three years we have spent over £4m on product research and development; last year we invested over £0.5M in our own UK production facility to manufacture high performance LED printed circuit boards (PCBs).”

The company has also spent a great deal of time focusing on the customer experience, with an investment of more than £0.5M on eight new showrooms over the last two years.

“Our 50th anniversary is a perfect opportunity to ‘think customer’ and share our knowledge and expertise at a series of special events,” says Colin Lawson. We look forward to meeting customers and advising them on the best solution for their application.”

To be kept informed about Tamlite’s programme of 50th anniversary events, contact Tamlite on sales@tamlite.co.uk.



Aura Light introduces easy-upgrade LED tubes

Aura Light has introduced a new energy-efficient, easy-install LED light source to replace traditional fluorescent tubes.

The OptiT8 is one of the latest additions to Aura Light’s diverse range of products that offer excellent light quality and significant energy savings.

Designed to be a quick solution to reduce costs of existing luminaire installations, the OptiT8 is a retrofit solution to replace T8 fluorescent tubes operated by magnetic ballasts. This allows facility managers to safely upgrade the existing lighting scheme to LED technology with minimal effort and no expensive installation costs.

With a high output of 4000 lumens and efficacy of up to 160 lumens per watt, Aura Light has designed the OptiT8 to deliver a high quality of light to improve the light levels within the room. It is also a particularly versatile option and can be used for applications in offices, supermarkets, retail, signs and cold refrigerated areas, or anywhere where fluorescent lighting is currently being used. With excellent thermal and electrical design features, all applications will benefit from a full 50,000 hour system lifetime, supported by a five year guarantee, which eliminates all frequent maintenance or replacement costs. The tubes are also equipped with 90° rotatable end caps so users can fine-tune the direction of light once it is installed.

Aura Light has used the latest LED technology to ensure the OptiT8 achieves its maximum performance and capabilities. The tube incorporates a reliable LED engine which helps to promote the long life as well as an integrated driver and heat sink which help to maintain the quality of light throughout the lifetime.

The OptiT8 tubes are available in 1200mm and 1500mm lengths and a range of colour temperatures, including 3000K, 4100K and 5000K with a CRI of more than 80. This range of colour temperatures allows users to match their new light source to the desired appearance, including matching the same colour temperature as the previous fluorescent tubes whilst generating significant energy savings.


Venture Industrial luminaires used to help company save energy

Venture Lighting Europe’s high performance industrial luminaires have been used to upgrade the lighting at two depots owned by vehicle maintenance and repair company, Marshall Fleet Solutions.

Over 50 of Venture’s 150W Highbay Professional luminaires were used across the two sites to upgrade the company’s lighting scheme from 400W Metal Halide lamps to help achieve the company’s aim to reduce its energy consumption. By replacing the lighting with Venture’s LED luminaires, Marshall Fleet Solutions are expected to receive over £7,000, approximately 66%, in annual energy cost savings, which also significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the two sites. Venture’s 150W Highbays were specified due to their competitive price and ability to meet the energy saving requirements that Marshall Fleet Solutions were aiming to achieve.

Marshall Fleet Solutions has grown to become the UK’s largest independent commercial vehicle servicing companies and has 11 depots across the country, which are used for maintenance and servicing of its customers’ vehicles.

The new lighting schemes across the two depots in Garforth and Salford, were designed and specified by Luminous Solutions Ltd, a key partner of Venture Lighting., and were installed by electrical contractors GWR Electrical & Data Comms Ltd, who are both also working to upgrade the lighting to Venture’s LED luminaires across other sites owned by Marshall Fleet Solutions. The lighting schemes were designed by Luminous Solutions to 300 lux AVE which is in line with the latest BS EN 12464 regulations on the lighting of work places and the requirement for general vehicle servicing, repair and inspection.

Since installing Venture’s LED Highbays, the lighting across the two depots has noticeably improved and now provides a bright white light to offer workers a better and clearer working environment. The Venture LED Highbay Professional luminaires also offer a significantly improved life of up to 50,000 hours which eliminates the need for regular lamp replacement and maintenance, which can be disruptive to operations when replacing or fixing. The enhanced lifetime of the luminaires also reduces the likelihood of lamp failure which may compromise the overall light levels across the depots.

Venture’s LED Highbay Professional luminaires have proved to be a popular and beneficial product for industrial applications such as maintenance workshops, due to the quality of light and low energy consumption. The 150W LEDs have a high output of 15,000 lumens and system efficacy of 100 lumens per circuit watt to ensure that a high power, quality light is emitted at a lower energy rate than traditional light sources. The luminaire comes with a 120° beam angle as standard and can be adapted using a range of reflector accessories to offer 60°, 70° and 90° angles depending on the light distribution required.

Designed to replicate the classic highbay style, Venture’s Highbay Pro is IP65 rated with a robust aluminium casing, combined with cold forged heat sink technology to delivery excellent heat dissipation. Finished with a polycarbonate lens to make it suitable for the most demanding industrial applications.

Further information on Venture Lighting Europe is available from the company on 01923-692600, by emailing: info@venturelighting.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.venturelightingeurope.com


A.C. Special Projects Creates Bespoke LED Lighting System for Historic Village Hall

A.C. Special Projects Ltd. (AC-SP) has specified, supplied and installed a multi-purpose, energy-efficient LED lighting system for Pearson Hall – a historic community hall in the village of Sonning, Berkshire.

Situated at the heart of the village, the much loved Victorian building has acted as the local community’s social hub since 1889. It continues to be used for all variety of functions and productions, including events linked to the bi-annual Sonning Festival in May.

The project brief for Pearson Hall was to provide a low-cost yet high-performance, multi-purpose lighting solution. Flexibility and energy-efficiency were key. The system not only had to work for everyday activities, but also had to be able to provide a range of sophisticated ambiances through the use of colour, for premium social events.

Thanks to a specification tailor-made for the architectural detailing of the hall, AC-SP won the tender to manage the whole project. The company supplied and installed the full LED lighting system, and provided training for key users.

AC-SP installed six ProLights LUMIPAR12HPROs fixtures onto three existing wooden beams that support the roof void in the main hall. Chosen to enhance the space for social functions, these powerful yet compact PARs – which are equipped with high-efficiency LED light sources offering full control on colour saturation and temperature – create a wide variety of moods.

To provide a warm tungsten-style glow over the stage area, AC-SP installed four ProLights EVO90F fixtures on an internally pre-wired bar. Featuring an LED source, the efficient yet very powerful Fresnels generate hardly any heat – making for a more comfortable environment. In addition, their DMX remote-controlled focusing allows transition from a 10° spot to a 60° flood beam.

In addition, AC-SP worked with Reggiani to specify a simple track light system featuring their luminaires. Used to light the general floor area with an even wash, these lights’ electrical circuitry is separate from the optical compartment – thereby assuring excellent thermal dissipation and a balanced design.

As Pearson Hall is a community facility, it is essential that village residents can easily programme and operate the lighting. Accordingly, AC-SP selected the Traxon Technologies e-cue Butler XT2 lighting processor, which is connected to a user-friendly, wall mounted glass touch panel.

A committee member commented “We have received good reports back from people who have used the hall regarding the state-of-the art lighting system supplied by A.C. Special Projects, and are very happy with the service we received during this project.”

Contact the company now to see how they can help you to achieve your aspirations, on +44 (0)1494 838392 / info@acspecialprojects.com

Keep up to date with the latest AC-SP news via their website and twitter page: www.acspecialprojects.com www.twitter.com/ACSpecProj


Hackney Community College saves £25K a year with second major Salix-funded LED lighting upgrade

Following a successful LED conversion project by Energys Group in 2015, 2016 has seen the East London college make a further investment in the latest Energys lighting technology.

 Energys estimates that combined savings of the two projects will be £95K per year.

During the second half of 2015, Hackney Community College (HCC) in Shoreditch, East London, implemented a substantial lighting upgrade that resulted in more than 4,900 lamps being converted to LED. The new systems were supplied and installed by Energys Group, which also provided boiler optimisation controls and specialist insulation as part of a far-reaching energy efficiency initiative.

With expected annual savings of £70,000 and a return on investment (RoI) of only 2.8 years on the lighting side of the project alone, its impact has been significant. It is perhaps unsurprising, then, that HCC recently decided to move ahead with a second lighting upgrade – this time focusing on internal spaces not covered by the earlier project, as well as external areas of the campus.

“The Energys LED lighting has brought a definite, cost-efficient improvement to the quality and comfort factor of lighting inside the college, and it made sense to optimise the remaining areas in a similar fashion,” says HCC Communications Director Ruth Lomax. “This time work focused on the dance and performing arts studios, a number of classrooms and offices, corridors, and outdoor areas of the campus.”

Energys’ Business Development Manager, Raj Gunasekaran, adds: “As with the previous project, it was evident that the latest generation LED lighting could deliver significant cost reductions for the college. We specified a number of our most popular current products during the Phase Two upgrade, which took place over the course of four weeks in autumn 2016.”

Salix success again

As in Phase One, Energys was able to bring its comprehensive knowledge of the Salix funding scheme to the table. Once again, the college secured financial assistance under the Salix College Energy Fund with the assistance of the Energys team.

The project called on a variety of products from Energys Group’s industry-leading New Vision range. In the internal areas, specified items included LED tubes, panels, downlighters, wall lights, dimmable solutions and spot lights. Outside, the new installation comprises a blend of LED uplighters, bollard lights, eyelid wall lights, photocell units, floodlights and path lights.

The project was completed to a stringent and quick-turnaround timetable, but its benefits are likely to be long-lived indeed. Energys estimates that the new internal lighting will save the college £16K a year, with a return on investment (RoI) of 2.6 years. Meanwhile, forecasts indicate that the new external lighting will save £9K a year, giving the college an RoI of 4.5 years.

“These are compelling figures,” says Gunasekaran, “and underline the benefits that LED lighting has both in terms of immediate and longer-term energy savings. With increasingly stringent carbon targets in mind, more and more schools and colleges are now converting to all-LED infrastructures, and we expect that trend to intensify in 2017 as awareness continues to grow.”

The college is full of praise for the Energys team’s ability to supply and install such a substantial amount of new lighting technology in what was a very limited timeframe. “The project went smoothly and there was no impact on college activities,” said Ruth. “But above all we would highlight the quality of the new lighting – it is much more consistent and comfortable for staff and students.

“We had high expectations of Energys and its LED lighting systems after Phase One, and we are delighted to confirm that they have been fully satisfied.” www.energysgroup.com http://www.hackney.ac.uk/


LED lighting for factories; a facility manager’s guide

For professionals wondering how to save energy in factories, retrofit LED solutions will deliver and perform better than legacy solutions. But choosing the best, well considered options and specifications depends on your exact scenario.

The Carbon Trust says lighting typically consumes 20% of the electricity used in commercial and industrial buildings.

In these times of high energy prices, finding cost-effective ways to reduce levels of electricity consumed by lighting can deliver appreciable long-term reductions on business electricity bills.

But there is more to delivering sustainable solutions than picking the first LED that springs to mind.

Metal halide and industrial lighting; why bespoke knowledge makes better business sense

One Energys client, Parker Hannifin, has set a corporate objective of a 5% energy reduction per annum. EHSE & Facilities Manager Tony Woodward realised that one of the best ways to achieve this goal would be to phase out old metal halide lamps in favour of next-generation LEDs.

An estimated energy saving of at least £36,423 per annum helped convince Mr Woodward’s superiors LED replacements were the way to go. But the story wasn’t that simple.

“The fact is, I had looked at metal halide replacements in the past, but had not been able to find anything good enough,” he recalls. “But then I came across the Energys lamps. For a start, they offer the right colour temperature, an absolutely crucial requirement and one lacking from previous products I’d seen.

“An added benefit is they also have in-built fans to keep them cool. A test involving eight products further underlined my opinion of their excellent light quality.”

Consistency of light quality was a particular preoccupation for Tony, who was keen to ensure the required illumination throughout the manufacturing shopfloor.

The fixtures’ contribution to reducing radiant heat was another significant benefit; particularly given the firm’s aim of enhancing its healthy working environments by minimising staff fatigue.

The details prove an important point; LEDs are good, but you still need to do your homework. Picking the best supplier, like Energys, will deliver bespoke solutions that fit your precise needs.

Additional benefits of LED vs sodium SONs

Every factory is different, so every facilities manager must seek the right LED technology to suit the legacy replacements needed.

In the example of facilities using sodium SONs, Energys LEDs ranging from 20W to 100W will effectively replace SONs ranging from 70W up to 400W.

Because of the high efficacy and directional nature of these LED lamps, together with the sharp white light and high colour rendering index, it is possible to reduce the power consumption of light fittings by between 50% and 75% with no discernible reduction in effective light levels.

In this example, the new LED lamps would have a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours, and can maintain lumen levels at over 90% for the full warranty period of 5 years in normal use; 10 hrs/day.

“Not every manufacturer can tell you all this,” comments Energys MD Kevin Cox. “Indeed, some will pretend any LED will do, to retrofit any legacy lighting in factories.

“That’s just not the case. Upgrading SON, or metal halide lighting to energy efficient alternatives demands understanding of those technologies, and how to achieve the best retrofit improvements.

“Our message to facilities managers is, if you don’t hear detail and precision from your supplier, question their expertise and the benefits they can offer.”

The truth is simple; when it comes to retrofitting light in factories, only the best will do. Expertise, attention to detail and high performance products are your watchword.

Ask for evidence on benefits. Don’t take the first LED solution you’re offered at face value.  Challenge your supplier’s wisdom; let them prove their credentials. www.energysgroup.com


Lighting made easy for Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

With economic factors in the minds of public sector bodies across the UK, many are opting to explore energy efficiency initiatives in order to reduce energy bills and encourage sustainability across the sector.

One way in which these public sector bodies are looking to improve their energy efficiency is to upgrade outdated facilities which are high in operating costs, money which could be otherwise be spent on maintaining vital public services.

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust provide acute care for southern Northamptonshire and is just one example of a Trust that is championing energy efficiency initiatives. Recognising that improving its energy efficiency could improve its financial savings, the Trust sought to upgrade its energy consuming technologies and as a first step expressed an interest in upgrading lighting across the hospital to a more energy efficient technology.

The Trust required the up-front capital to implement their initial proposals and so in order to overcome this obstacle; they approached Salix Finance, a government-funded, not-for-profit organisation. Salix distribute interest-free loans to the public sector across the UK to improve their energy efficiency. The loans are then paid back from the savings made to the energy bills. With financial support from Salix, the Trust engaged in a rolling programme to replace a large number of its lighting fittings across Northampton General Hospital.

Lighting upgrades, including LED and lighting controls, with an investment value of over £590k were implemented across the hospital, which saw the Trust benefit from immediate financial savings to its energy bills, as well as reduced costs in terms of maintenance requirements.

The collaboration with Salix also saw the installation of sensors in areas with low operating hours, such as the library and the medical records department, meaning lights are automatically switched off when the rooms are not in use. The replacement of lighting in stairwells, which are lit 24 hours a day, have also proven to be particularly effective in generating a substantial reduction in energy use.

The new LED lighting fixtures also have a five year lifetime guarantee, with no disposal issues due to the lack of mercury, providing further cost cutting benefits.

Because of the nature of the new LED technologies utilised throughout the hospital buildings, maintenance costs and requirements will be significantly reduced meaning that expenditure is reduced even further. The transformational lighting programme is expected to save the Trust over £162k each year.

Commenting on the refurbishment, Clare Topping, Energy and Sustainability Manager at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust said: “The loans from Salix have allowed us to access energy efficiency measures much sooner than would otherwise be the case. Not only has this helped to keep us on track to achieving our 2020 Carbon target but we have also improved the environment for staff.”

Hannah Taylor, Programme Manager at Salix said “As part of the Trust’s commitment to delivering a sustainable healthcare service they have managed to significantly reduce carbon emissions whilst improving the environment for both staff and patients in a cost neutral way. The Trust is looking to continue to work closely with Salix in the coming years to install further LED lighting across their wards.”

For more information on the projects Salix have worked with please see: www.salixfinance.co.uk



Green Tourism gets behind LED in light of Halogen ban

In light of the recent EU halogen bulb ban, Green Tourism are backing LED lighting as a sustainable and cost effective alternative as they report businesses could be saving a massive 90% on costs with the one simple switch.

Jon Proctor CEO of Green Tourism, the world’s largest sustainable certification programme of its kind, explains more about why switching from halogen to LED makes business sense.

“By replacing halogen bulbs with new LED alternatives, businesses will not only become more eco-friendly but will also save money on energy bills and bulb costs.

“Once the fashionable lighting choice, halogens were a ‘must have’ in the 90s and early 00s. At this time alternative low energy products were shunned because they poked out of fittings, were slow to light up and gave a hospital style illumination that was not suitable for the hospitality industry.

“This is no longer the case, however, as technology advancements have meant there is no need for high energy consuming Halogens, which were typically between 25-50watts. Over the last 3 years LEDs have really taken over. They are high-powered units that have great illumination and can now beat halogens for quality, performance, life span, eco-friendly disposal and cost.

“LEDs and halogens can be used in all the same ways, the biggest difference is cost and maintenance. A halogen will require 25-50watts to illuminate where an LED will require 3-5watts, a huge 90% saving in running cost.

“Using experience from working with top hotels around the UK it is estimated the restaurant will run a light for over 5000 hours per year. It is likely halogens would need replaced at least once and maybe 2-5 times during this time, while the LED alternative should have only used half of its life with some units rated at 50,000 hours or 10 years in this case.

“The table below highlights the cost in energy and bills of the two lighting options over a ten year period:

Halogen LED
50,000hrs / 10 years 10-50 bulbs 1 bulb
Watts 25-50w 3-5w
Energy Consumption 2500kWh 250kWh
Cost (15p/kWh) £375 £37.50
Carbon footprint over period 900kg CO2* 90kg CO2*

*CO2 calculated using average CO2 emission per kWh for electricity generated in the UK in 2015 (Source DEFRA)

“Switching from halogen to LED makes total business sense, not only does it help towards the Government target of an 80% reduction in carbon by 2050, it will reduce energy bills, lighting costs and go towards a more sustainably run organisation.”

Photo shows:  Jon Proctor, Green Tourism chief executive



LED Eco Lights launches intelligent LED lighting battens

  • LED lighting battens provide 65% energy savings
  • Twin-tube fluorescent luminaires can be upgraded in ten minutes

LED Eco Lights has added SMART Sensor technology to its Goodlight™ G5 LED battens, allowing the luminaires to be grouped and respond intelligently to a building’s lighting needs. Warehouses and industrial sites can reduce their lighting energy bill by up to 65% by replacing fluorescent lighting in offices, production areas, warehouses, car parks, loading bays and other areas with SMART Goodlight G5 LED battens from LED Eco Lights.

Goodlight G5 battens now feature SMART Sensor, a built-in RF wireless sensor which allows full control of the luminaire. The sensor not only allows the luminaire to respond directly to occupancy, motion and light levels, but also allows it to communicate with other grouped luminaires. G5 LED battens can be grouped together, with one master controlling the behaviour of multiple slaves. The feature allows lighting to be controlled much more intelligently. For example, lights can be switched on in anticipation of occupants entering an area for example as they progress along a corridor or up a flight of stairs. The Goodlight SMART Sensor includes Daylight Monitoring and Tri-level Dimming. All options and settings can be programmed and adjusted by simple remote control.

Goodlight G5 LED battens are a direct drop-in replacement for standard 2ft, 4ft and 5ft length single and twin tube fluorescent fittings, but draw just 20W, 30W, 40W or 50W respectively – 65% of the energy of the fluorescent equivalent. The G5 has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, over triple the typical fluorescent tube, giving site operators further savings in maintenance budgets. The G5 delivers very high levels of light output, offering 110 lumens per Watt with a 120° beam angle for optimum spread. Light replacement can be funded from operating budgets using a pay-as-you-save lease option.

Housed in a sleek body, the Goodlight G5 is shielded by a high density rubber seal, giving it fivefold protection against the environment. The seal offers IP65 protection against water, dust and corrosion plus the fitting can withstand exposure to frost, snow and ice. It can operate in extreme temperatures from -20 to +50°C, and is suitable for use in cold storage areas. The G5 fitting is glass-free making it suitable for food and drink production environments. It has an impact protection rating of 1K08.

LED Eco Lights are specialists in LED lighting for retro-fit applications, and estimates an existing fluorescent batten can be replaced with a G5 luminaire in just ten minutes. The G5 can be recessed, suspended, surface-mounted or seamlessly linked and is supplied with stainless steel mounting clips as standard for quick and simple installation.

Goodlight G5 LED batten luminaires are available in three colour temperatures: daylight, natural and warm white. They are fully dimmable, and can be controlled via a DALI or 0-10V interface in addition to the RF wireless remote. An optional emergency backup battery is available.

Commenting, Saima Shafi, sales and marketing director at LED Eco Lights said, “Goodlight LED lighting technology offers more efficient light at lower cost, without the drawbacks of other low energy lighting technology. Our LED lamps and luminaires reach full brightness instantly, and are virtually maintenance free with no ballasts or starters needed. They are also free of the migraine-inducing flicker of traditional tube lights, and contain no heavy metals making them easy to dispose of safely and are much less hazardous in the unlikely event of a breakage.”

Businesses are able to fund lighting replacement programmes from their operating budgets by taking advantage of the company’s BrightPlan LED leasing scheme. This allows the replacement lights to be paid for directly by the energy savings and the customer will own the lights outright at the end of the lease. LED Eco Lights is offering businesses a free site survey which will provide a detailed breakdown of suitable replacement light fittings, the installed cost and the return on investment from savings on energy and maintenance costs. They also guarantee the G5 and other Goodlight fittings for five years, making installation risk-free.

About LED Eco Lights

LED Eco Lights was founded in 2006 and is an award-winning LED lighting manufacturer. Its Goodlight™ LED lamps and luminaires provides a comprehensive range of LED solutions for commercial, industrial, amenity, leisure and hospitality environments. LED Eco Lights offers a team of technical experts, to guide customers through every stage of the upgrade process, including lighting design services, funding solutions and installation. LED Eco Lights also offers its Bright Goods range of vintage-style decorative LED filament bulbs. For more information please contact: 01276 691230. www.goodlight.co.uk


Venture creates bespoke lighting solution for Costco underground car park

Venture Lighting Europe has supplied a purpose-made retrofit gear tray to help a Costco store in Birmingham reduce its energy consumption and improve the lighting of its underground car park.

The company, working with lighting maintenance contractors Solent Lighting, developed a 50W LED retrofit gear tray to replace 300 150W Metal Halide lamps whilst still utilising the existing fittings to generate an estimated 70% energy saving.

The 300 fittings are located in the store’s underground car park, which required high levels of light to promote a safe and customer-friendly environment.  Due to the nature of the car park, fixture replacements would have been extremely expensive and would have required extra drilling into the concrete structure, creating a lot of mess and disruption to the car park. Venture’s retrofit solution eliminated all of this whilst keeping the costs and installation time to a minimum.

Baber Zaman, Store Manager at Costco Birmingham, commented “As part of a general improvement to the warehouse we decided to switch to LED with the help of Solent Lighting to reduce the running costs of the car park lighting, which was being used as much as 20 hours a day. Solent chose Venture’s LED gear trays as the best solution for our requirements. With the new LEDs we are now getting improved light levels at a lower usage and we are very pleased with the new lighting so far.”

The 50W LED retrofit gear tray was created by Venture to meet the light and performance demanded by the car park, and is purposely designed to fit the existing luminaire body. Comprising three of Venture’s high performance linear LED modules and a 50W fixed output driver, the new gear tray delivers excellent and reliable light, with an efficacy of up to 148 lumens per circuit watt. The new LEDs also offer a light life beyond 60,000 hours to eliminate any lamp failures and replacements.

In using the LED retrofit gear tray, the store was able to keep its existing IP65 non-corrosive fixture which is best suited for the application. Being an underground car park it was important to the store to use a robust luminaire that is dust and water resistant and can withstand various temperatures and conditions.  The retrofit solution allowed the store to keep the existing fittings, all of which have proved effective since the original installation.

The store’s existing non-corrosive luminaire uses a prismatic polycarbonate refractor to allow for excellent control of light distribution. This cover is also designed to be extremely robust and vandal resistant to ensure no damage can be done to the luminaire which may compromise the performance or distribution of the light.

The modules and driver used to create the gear tray is amongst many different options developed by Venture for similar purposes. The company offers a range of LED lighting, including square and linear modules and various fixed output or dimmable drivers to create high efficiency and high performance luminaires for the commercial and industrial markets.

Further information on Venture’s range of LED components is available from the company on 01923 692600, by emailing: info@venturelighting.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.venturelightingeurope.com