New Control Centre helps Sheffield City Council lead fight against congestion

A new Urban Traffic Control Centre containing the latest video wall technology has helped Sheffield City Council monitor millions of journeys and fight congestion in its first 12 months of operation.

In the last year the system has aided the smooth running of 200 major events as well as the management of 1,000 road incidents such as accidents and breakdowns and 100 road closures, lane restrictions, diversions, demonstrations and marches.

eyevis UK installed eight 55-inch extremely narrow bezel EYE-LCD-5500-XSN-LD-FX displays in the 24/7 control centre when it relocated to Sheffield Town Hall from Carbrook, where it had operated since 2008.

It also installed a Netpix 4900 video wall controller configured for multiple analogue video feeds, IP video feeds, graphic PC data and web browser feeds.

Sheffield City Council had identified and specified eyevis UK as their display wall solution.

In its first 12 months operation the control centre has:

  • Facilitating the smooth running of around 200 events per year
  • Monitored approximately 50 football matches at Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United with in excess of one million spectators.
  • Overseen around 90 Sheffield Arena events with in excess of 720,000 visitors.
  • Helped manage large city-wide events such as the Yorkshire Half Marathon, Sheffield 10k Run, Tramlines, Sky Ride, City Centre Grand Prix Cycling, After Dark, Mosborough Music Festival
  • Had an operational input at around 100 planned roadworks (road closures, lane restrictions, diversions, etc,), demonstrations, marches, etc.
  • Helped manage 1,000 incidents such as road traffic collisions and breakdowns

eyevis is a leading global manufacturer of intelligent control room video wall solutions.

These include industrial modular displays, LED illuminated rear projection and the narrowest bezel industrial LCDs; video wall controllers and video wall control software.

A Sheffield City Council spokesperson said: “Sheffield City Council has been pleased with the new video installation and has been using it to great effect to manage traffic flow across the city.”

eyevis UK managing director Steve Murphy said: “As well as the challenge of carrying out work in a listed building, the project needed to be completed within tight timescales and whilst the building was operational.

“Our installation has offered an uninterrupted 24/7 service, which is key to the successful operation of such an important control centre.”

eyevis UK provides video display solutions and audio visual solutions to a range of clients.

Its equipment is installed across the UK in CCTV control rooms for local authorities, banks, road traffic monitoring, emergency services, blue chip retailers, security services, prisons and other Government buildings.

EYE-LCD-5500-XSN-LD-FX displays are 55-inch seamless LCD monitors for video wall installations. The displays offer full HD resolution with 1920 × 1080 pixels, direct-LED backlight technology and a mechanical bezel width of only 3.5mm between two displays.

The Netpix 4900 video wall controller is a network based graphic controller for the management of video wall systems, single displays or projectors. The controller creates a big joined desktop for network-applications, video and graphic sources.


Successful trial of OPTEX PIRs changes expert’s opinion 

Outdoor, wireless passive infrared sensors (PIRs) from OPTEX have proved so successful in the field that they have changed the way an expert at Amron Security specifies and installs security equipment.

OPTEX worked with Amron Security to protect an isolated residential property in a rural location in the West Midlands (UK). Exposed on all four sides by main roads and fields, the owner was concerned that the property, including detached garages, would be a vulnerable target for intruders.

Paul Bishop, Contracts Manager and Senior Installer at Amron Security, was at first sceptical when OPTEX proposed using wireless PIRs: “As an installer I feel more comfortable using outdoor sensors only when alarms can be visually verified remotely, as it is far from ideal for false or nuisance alarms to trigger with no possibility for verification,” he says. “However, I haven’t experienced any false alarm problems with OPTEX’s outdoor PIRs, which have performed flawlessly.”

The PIRs specified by OPTEX include five of its VXI-R and two FTN-R sensors, featuring some of the lowest false alarm rates and highest detection rates in the industry. They are both battery-operated outdoor detectors that wirelessly connect to a Ricochet®-enabled alarm panel via OPTEX’s recently launched, pre-configured and pre-connected Ricochet®-enabled wireless transmitter, the BGR-01, which is fitted into the back of each sensor.

The VXI-R sensors have a 12m wide angle of detection, while the FTN-R sensors provide a shorter – up to 5m – detection range in a curtain-like pattern. Combining the two variants therefore provides the optimum security defence.

All of the sensors are equipped with OPTEX’s latest analytics programming that includes small animal tolerance, vegetation detection, and enhanced weather protection to ensure false alarms are avoided. The sensors are tamper proof and have a battery life lasting around three years.

Amron security maintains the sensors and provides a remote monitoring service; it is automatically informed if an alarm occurs. “Since the installation in 2016 there has not been a single false alarm,” Paul adds. “The technology has performed to such a high standard that my PIR concerns have been mitigated and we are specifying OPTEX’s sensors at further sites.

“My concerns over battery life have also been dispelled, since it is now more than 18 months since the first detectors were installed and they continue to work without interruption.”

Jacques Vaarre, Managing Director of OPTEX Europe, EMEA headquarters, says the state-of-the-art sensors are specifically manufactured to reduce false alarms: “The stability of our outdoor PIRs is paramount – and that they are so reliable to change the opinion of industry experts is very encouraging.”