Biometric security for Shetland construction site

Shetland Facilities Management (SFM) Security have provided Morrison Construction Ltd with a robust access control system utilising the very latest state-of-the-art fingerprint biometric recognition devices for their New Anderson High School and Halls of Residence development at Lerwick in the Shetland Islands.

As main contractor for the £56m project, Morrison’s brief for SFM was for an integrated access control system during construction which could give an accurate count of the workforce in each of the site’s two zones, split by company and trade discipline, for not only HSSE requirements but also emergency response, robust time and attendance recording and to capture the data and metrics required for project controls.

SFM’s solution was an integrated platform that combined biometric fingerprint readers from ievo Ltd, the Newcastle-based manufacturer of biometric recognition systems, with a Paxton Net2 access control system. Eight ievo fingerprint readers were installed on four entry turnstiles together with an ievo desktop enrolment reader for initial registering employee fingerprint templates in the site control room. SFM installed the equipment in two 20ft ISO container security portals (one for each zone of the project) which provided efficient through-put and foot-fall at peak and off-peak times.

Simon Orchard, Director of Security, Shetland Facilities Management, commented, “Logistical issues with using SMART cards alongside a large workforce we always found problematic. Using ievo’s biometric solution allows us to save costs whilst also improving efficiency. ievo devices are easy to install, robust, operational in harsh climates and working conditions and surpass all our operational needs. ievo provided the perfect biometric security solution and we are already planning on using them for our next project.”

Shaun Oakes, Managing Director of ievo Ltd, added, “ievo systems are designed for harsh environmental use, such as construction sites. It was vital that the fingerprint system would maintain operational regardless of the weather conditions or the amount of users enrolled. Being able to provide a system that can help identify and manage a large workforce is what ievo is designed for. The installation of the solution has now bedded in very effectively and Morrison Construction Limited staff liked the ease of use for both enrolment of fingerprints, and generating accurate and reliable reports.”

ievo Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of world class biometric recognition systems based in the North East of the UK. Offering full integration options, ievo Ltd provides a safe, secure and reliable biometric solution for the access control market.
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When to Use MASS Barriers

A street-works and site-security stalwart, Multi Applicational Safety System (MASS) barriers are aptly named as one of the most versatile barrier systems available in the UK. Part of their versatility comes from their innovative and adaptable design, whilst additional flexibility comes from the range of purposes that MASS barriers can serve.

Difference, by design

The number of sites and situations when MASS barriers can be effectively deployed is maximised by their many key design features, which include:

  • An integrated interlocking system which uses vertical pins to secure barriers to each other, allowing robust lengths of barrier runs to be created.
  • Unit adaptations which allow rotation to accommodate curved boundaries as required. These can also be installed to create 90o corner bends and to allow access points.
  • Vehicle roll-on, roll-off stability which uses the weight of an errant vehicle to stabilise the barrier.
  • Easy installation, non-permanent fixing as anchorage is achieved through steel buffer terminal sections, making MASS barriers one of the most re-deployable and flexible systems around.
  • Relatively lightweight construction, to help ensure quick repositioning as required, and less labour-intensive removal, transportation and storage.
  • Design to accommodate a range of fence or panel top sections, making MASS barriers suitable and adaptable across a range of sites and purposes.
  • Powder-coated safety colours for high visibility.
  • Hot dip galvanised steel elements, for durability and full weather-resistance.
  • Crash tested to full T2 W5, for enhanced roadside protection.

Features for flexibility

With these design features, MASS barriers are the barrier of choice for a considerable range of sites and situations, including:

  • Road placement
    MASS barriers are crash tested up to a T2 W5 standard (which meets current European standards) and are fully suited to highways with a 30 mph speed restriction. The roll-on, roll-off design offers increased stability in the event of a vehicle striking the barrier, with the barrier also helping to return the vehicle back to the roadside, rather than through to the site beyond. In this way, MASS barriers can offer additional protection to pedestrians and road site workers as well as to vehicle drivers.
  • Street works
    A varied range of safety fencing can be attached as top sections to MASS barriers, making them flexible across a wide range of deployment options and to ensure that street works can be fully secured and screened as appropriate from pedestrians and vehicles alike. Pedestrian-guard fence panels are fully tested to European standards and offer a cost-effective way to minimise public liability.
  • Siteguard security
    The range of top sections available includes anti-climb and anti-vandalism fence panels, so that sites can be appropriately protected from trespass and vandalism. Gates can be incorporated into runs of barriers so that access can be facilitated, monitored and secured as appropriate – ideal for sites where access by different contractors is needed or site security for risk management is an essential consideration.
  • Screen guard
    Screen guard security can be achieved with the addition of hoarding panels as top sections. These panels afford privacy and complete screening of works for security and safety and can particularly be useful in:

    • Protecting site workers from debris flying up from the road.
    • Protecting traffic and pedestrians from site debris being blown off the site in high wind or vulnerable locations.
    • Reducing excessive noise from sites.
    • Providing emergency screening, as screen guard panels can be quickly and easily assembled.

All of these features make MASS barriers suitable for a range of situations and locations, but specific types of location, site or purpose aren’t the only criteria which make MASS barriers a popular choice for some construction and street works projects: MASS barriers are also the barrier of choice when site and operational efficiency is called for.

After all, schedules relating to progressing works, financial considerations, security issues, risk management, insurance and local government requirements all mean that operational efficiency is essential for almost all projects and works. With their quick and easy installation and redeployment as works progress, European safety standard design and adaptable range of base and fencing options, MASS barriers consistently deliver on many aspects of site and operational efficiency in both short and long-term projects and works.

In the recent construction of the M6 link road from Heysham in Lancashire, MASS barriers were a highly visible presence, offering protection on both sides of the barrier. As works progressed, MASS barriers enhanced operational efficiency with minimal traffic flow disruption as redeployment and dismantling took place, as well as fulfilling the safety requirements of a roadside barrier.

Finally, the fact that MASS barriers are relatively easy to transport, stack and store adds to their cost-effectiveness, whether purchased or hired from Safe Site Facilities, with quick delivery throughout the UK.