To buy or not to buy? How do you choose your kitchen equipment?

Shopping. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but when you are investing in a piece of commercial kitchen equipment that can be worth hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, the pressure is on to make the right decision.

So where do you start, how do you do your research and whose opinion should you trust? Every major brand will tell you that theirs is the best option, that is a given. You can compare energy ratings, overall costs, functions, programs, bells and whistles. You could stay loyal to a brand you have used before or switch to one that is offering a large discount or new customer incentive. You could scour the net for user reviews. It can all be a bit bewildering.

But, if you want an informed, unbiased, warts and all review of a particular brand or item, from someone who knows what they are talking about, then you should ask TWO Services. Not only can we source and supply kitchen equipment at competitive prices, our certified engineers can install it and if you wish, we can carry out the future cleaning and maintenance of your shiny new appliance. In short, we offer the complete service your equipment needs to ensure it stays in tip top condition and provides years of good service.

As experts in commercial kitchen cleaning, maintenance and repairs, we are dealing with all sorts of equipment from a vast range of manufacturers, day in and day out. We work with all the major suppliers but are not affiliated to any particular brand, so have no hidden agendas or vested interests. And what’s more, if we already clean your kitchen or carry out maintenance, we will know exactly what space you have and how well a specific appliance will integrate with your existing set up.

TWO Services take into consideration all the factors of your exact circumstances and budget, the nature and size of your kitchen, the level of intensity the appliance will be used at, how easy it is to get hold of spares at short notice, and our experiences with similar models. And only then do we make our recommendations, advising you on the reliability and suitability or otherwise, of particular makes or models and providing quotes to supply. After that, it is entirely up to you. But at least you will have had an unbiased view point on whether that fridge/cooker/microwave/combi steamer is really the best option for your kitchen.

Take refrigeration for example. Barry Osborn, TWO Services MD says: “There are numerous types of fridges and freezers that can be combined in a number of ways to give you the most practical set up for needs. And don’t forget that the type of units you choose will affect your energy consumption – so it is important to consider the factors that will help you cut costs.

“Energy efficiency is a big priority within the catering industry. There are many ways of contributing to this, including the addition of night blinds and strip curtains and switching off lights in cooled areas, when not in use. Keeping fridge and freezer doors closed as much as possible and ensuring that the door seals are kept in good condition are essential for maintaining temperature.

“Like most things in life, commercial refrigeration needs looking after to give smooth service and prolonged life. To optimise efficiency, all of its elements must be able to function properly.   Regular maintenance, cleaning of fans and condensers and leak testing are essential for minimising energy spend.

Where refrigeration is used ‘front of house’ it needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.   Assisted serve-over/display counters, with curved glass frontage, are more economical to run than open fronted units.

“Whilst a run of refrigerated cupboards may look neater, these use more energy to maintain temperature than separate units. You don’t have the same flexibility as you have with individual cabinets. Single fridges and freezers can be isolated and switched off when not required and can be run at different temperatures depending on content.

“Modern and energy efficient refrigeration systems will help save money. However, just following simple advice can deliver big energy savings.”

So if you are in the market for a new appliance and would like some independent advice, why not visit or give us a call on 0800 22 44 33 today – after all what have you got to lose?



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