Accreditation for Altecnic SATK22 Heat Interface Unit

An electronic heat interface unit (HIU) from the leading supplier and manufacturer of quality hydronic solutions has received a significant accreditation from a highly regarded testing body.

The Altecnic SATK22 has achieved quality system certification by KIWA UK, marking further recognition for the company’s industry-leading range of HIUs.

Gary Perry, Altecnic Managing Director, commented: “We’re incredibly proud of the innovation the SATK range brings to the UK district heating market and this latest accreditation follows similar recognition for our SATK32 units in July 2018. Both the SATK22 and SATK32 units now hold KIWA and WRAS accreditation.

“District heat networks are increasingly important to plans for a low carbon economy and, together with our manufacturing partner Caleffi, in 2019 we will continue to focus on providing innovative solutions for our clients alongside best-in-industry technical support.”

Packed with features, the SATK22 delivers exceptional flexibility of installation alongside smart electronic functions designed to enhance efficiency of the system. Such features include the increasingly important self-diagnostics and remote control via Mod-BUS connectivity that allows for remote commissioning and efficient maintenance programmes.

Extremely compact in design and lightweight, which benefits installers and architects alike, the unit’s integral room controller can be configured to customise the level of access to the advanced features. This flexibility provides the opportunity for the HIU to be matched to the requirements of the network when the unit is installed, with the option to offer simple controls to the tenant or to give more flexibility to customise the unit to their personal needs and requirements.

As with the SATK32, the SATK22 will also protect the heat network from the effects of poor apartment heating control and high start-up demand. This is achieved by limiting the primary flow rate to reduce demand peaks and controlling the primary return temperature. As a result, it is a key component in the successful installation of energy efficient and reliable district heating systems.

David Jay, KIWA Business Manager, added: “Continuing a long-standing partnership, Kiwa UK were extremely happy to assist Caleffi and Altecnic in testing their latest HIUs and subsequently issuing the Kiwa UK certificate to the SATK22 and SATK32 range for demonstrating compliance with the UK Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.” www.altecnic.co.uk

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