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Experts in rooftop optimisation

Langley Structures Ltd is changing the roofscapes of our towns and cities across the country.  Whether it be the conversion of existing flat roofs to new pitched ones or the erection of new habitable dwellings above existing buildings with our ‘upwardly-living’ innovation, Langley has the expertise and experience to capitalise the roofscape. 

Langley Structures Ltd continues to support housing providers, local authorities and housing associations, with the upgrading and maintenance of the roof element of their asset where clients want to enhance their stock. Whether it is to aesthetically regenerate an estate and instil a sense of community pride or help address the challenge of the housing shortage.

Today’s challenge for social housing providers is to economically maintain their existing housing stock as well as build new high-quality homes to meet the ever-growing demand of population growth suitable for modern living.

Therefore, it is vital that housing providers utilise their stock to full financial potential and take advantage of innovative building maintenance and upgrade as well as new and cost effective building concepts and solutions to help alleviate the social and political pressures.

We can provide a complete end-to-end design and installation package from conceptual design, planning and provide details for building control approval, through to installation. 

Rooftop Development

Langley’s ‘upwardly living’ approach makes sound financial and commercial sense. There is no land to acquire and no long-term planning consultation process to undertake plus, the speed of build is considerably quicker compared to conventional construction methods. 

Build methodology is also versatile and adaptable. Unit sections can be modularly constructed and lifted into position and, or, fabricated and erected on site depending on ease of access and roof configuration and complexity.

Langley can conduct an assessment of building stock to select suitable buildings for detailed feasibility. This will be required to ensure the existing building’s overall structural capacity including foundations and soil conditions to ascertain the existing structures capacity. 

Below is a video case study demonstrating the benefits of Rooftop Development for social housing landlords looking to expand their portfolio. Showcasing the award-winning Lytchet Way Estate with time-lapse footage of the project. 

Flat to Pitched Conversions

The process involves the erection of a new pitched roof structure over the existing flat roof system utilising lightweight metal frame and profiled metal tiling finishes or traditional tile finishes; clay or slate tiles (subject to load capacity). 

Key benefits include:

Estate regeneration
Increased thermal efficiency
Greater sound insulation
Improved rainwater management

Below is a timelapse video of a prestigious Flat to Pitched project Langley developed alongside Homes for Haringey. The roof system consists of a bespoke Langley Flat to Pitch roofing system and measured 3200m2 and ran over six blocks in total.

To find out more about both rooftop optimisation opportunities, both Rooftop Development and Flat to Pitched Conversions, book the following CPD presentations which are delivered live to your business/practice with an option for a Q&A session at the end. 

Flat to Pitched Conversion: Lightweight structural frames – design and installation over existing flat roofs.
Rooftop Developments: Lightweight structural frames – design and installation over existing roofs. 


Or for further information on Langley Structures, visit the website on 


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