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BLE Lighting and Power Ltd is excited to announce that we have partnered with Silux Control®.

We have launched our dual branded system that integrates the Silux PRO-EM® Controller with selected BLE luminaires.

The PRO-EM® Controller is a wireless, Radio Frequency encrypted communication device with mesh connectivity suitable for any size installation or building. It has a built-in battery to last a minimum of three hours in emergency function and provides complete compliance with statutory and mandatory requirements without human intervention. With the Pro-EM® IntelliHub selectable weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual tests are available with date/time options and the ability to print hardcopy reports.

The Pro-EM®-ready BLE luminaires provide a complete emergency lighting solution that communicates the status level of the system without human invention through the Silux Control® app, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world on a smart device. This ensures that any issues with the emergency lighting are immediately reported so that they can be resolved quickly to ensure that the healthiest status level is maintained.

The Silux Control® communication with devices is secure via a high level of meshing and a very complex and integrated software protocol which Silux Control uniquely created, which allows huge amounts of information to travel between devices.

All information relating to the installed system is stored in the cloud allowing the client to access its status from anywhere in the world and of course receive remote technical support from Silux Control® engineers via the diagnostic package that is inherent in the software. Silux Control® can access battery level status, online status and other information that are critical to a successful Wireless Automation System.

To find out more please contact – 01246 432325.

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