Public Sector FM Event Exhibitor Profile: Niyaa People

Niyaa People are an independent specialist recruitment consultancy that was founded in 2008.

Fast forward 11 years and we now have a team of over 40 fantastic people spanning 5 core divisions specialising in both contract and permanent recruitment services including:

  • Public Sector & Social Housing
  • Property & Construction Consultancy
  • Trades & Labour
  • Construction
  • Corporate Support

Within this, we cover blue and white-collar Facilities Management recruitment and Niyaa People’s primary goal is to facilitate the needs of our customers, continue to build and maintain relationships and truly listen to what organisations and candidates really want.

To stay ahead of the curve, in 2019 we completed a company rebrand whereby a new logo, look, website and mobile app was created to better provide an exceptional customer journey.  

We hold a 92% success rate of candidates completing their contracts and/or being employed for more than one year, whilst maintaining impressive growth year on year. Stats like this are backed up by our nominations for awards such as ‘Company of the Year’ and ‘Excellence in Industry’.

We’re sure most people by now know the role of a recruiter, but we prefer to talk about the services we offer and what makes us different.

A huge element of our ability to deliver these levels of success is in the people we employ and the quality of the training they’re provided. 96% of our team are homegrown talent, with no prior recruitment experience. Hannah Keep, MD of the Institute of Recruiters (IoR) stated “I personally believed this is one of the most robust training programmes I have seen and matches the investment more corporate recruitment companies deliver to their recruiters (and in some instances I would say it is better!)”.

Critical to Niyaa People’s success in recent years has been ensuring we continually invest back into the business, and nowhere is this more obvious than through our use of technology.

One of our more recent key investments linked to our CRM system was the introduction of our Online Portal ‘InTime’ in early 2019. This development was a key part of our strategy in becoming a paperless business, and offers candidates the facility to complete and submit timesheets online, directly linking to their managers for approval, whilst also offering clients the facilities to approve contractors’ hours, and access their sales invoices.

Another investment we’ve made this year is into video interview technology. We’ve worked with video software company ODRO to develop a bespoke interview platform that gives us huge flexibility and scope for engaging with our candidates and clients, from pre-set candidate question responses we can submit to our clients in a packaged format, to conducting live face-to-face interviews. This aids us in helping the ‘soft-matching’ process where candidates are selected on cultural fit for an organisation as well as technical ability.

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