Public Sector FM Event Exhibitor Profile: Vikan

Vikan is the world’s leading supplier of hygienic cleaning tools to FM, Public Sector, Healthcare and Food and Beverage markets. Viewed as a whole, our facilities cleaning programme makes Vikan not just a supplier, but a true partner who can help you achieve business objectives throughout your organisation. Vikan cleaning trolleys and microfibre mops and cloths are all designed to maximise cleaning efficacy, efficiency, ease of use and customer satisfaction. Unique products for Unique challenges All trolleys are available preconfigured for different room types and sizes, and they can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Your cleaning staff are the key to more successful operations. Giving them the right tools and knowledge can provide a surprising range of benefits, from accelerated cleaner training and more efficient cleaning, to lower absenteeism and better staff retention. To clean quickly and effectively, your staff need to understand what each cleaning tool is for and how best to use it. Our innovative Vikan CleanAssist cue cards and online training videos provide the help your staff need to clean better every day. 

Well known for our leadership in hygienic zone planning for the food and beverages sector, we also equip our Sales staff with advanced tools for determining the exact mops you need for the different surfaces at a given site. In addition to on-trolley cue cards and training videos, we offer a range of in-person training options and other online materials that can make your staff training more effective.

Vikan and the Environment

Vikan microfibre mops are manufactured at our own factory in Estonia. Having our own manufacturing facility helps us keep full control over production processes and quality, and makes it easy for you to document compliance with CSR policies.Partnering with Vikan can also help you meet your environmental goals by using Nordic Eco-labelled products and by reducing microplastic shedding, for example. Recentmicroplastic eco-testing was carried out on our textiles, in which the majority of our microfibres received an A or A+ Rating. More details can be found using the following link;

Business with a wider perspective

90% of the shares in Vikan are owned by the Vissing Foundation (Vissing Fonden), a non-profit charitable foundation set up in 1979 by the far-sighted family that then owned Vikan. This unusual ownership structure is a key part of the whole Vikan perspective – beyond short-term thinking and simple here-and-now profits, in favour of always doing right by our customers, and making long-term efforts to make lasting improvements.

The Vissing Foundation activities include providing funding for near-patient research in disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment related to cancer and diabetes, focusing on work that features strong potential for immediate, practical impact on patient treatment in these fields.

The foundation’s work is a constant source of pride and inspiration for all of us at Vikan – part of the proverbial “making a difference” ambitions we have as part of working at this company.

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