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SECOM launches a new suite of services to support in-home care

SECOM Plc, one of the UK’s largest and most established security providers, has launched a new service to support in-home care for people who are elderly, have disabilities or require extra care. Smart Wellness is a complete package of products, services and solutions to assist independent living and help alleviate the financial and emotional cost of care homes. 

The Health Foundation predicts that within 25 years, the number of people in the UK population aged 85 and above will double to 2.6 million. This leaves families, carers, and public infrastructure with a considerable challenge – an ageing population with fewer and fewer resources to fully support them with dignity and respect.

SECOM Plc, one of the UK’s most significant security suppliers for homes and businesses, has created a solution to the impending crisis. Their new service, SECOM Smart Wellness, combines years of experience in home security, innovative technology and human intervention. This provides the opportunity to help your loved ones stay at home for longer. 

This cost-effective solution assists independent living and is made up of a number of discreet in-home sensors that track routines and activity 24/7. These monitor everything from unusual activity, such as if a loved one hasn’t got out of bed at their usual time, to security alerts such as a door being left open, or if a cabinet where medication is kept hasn’t been opened indicating they have forgotten to take it. These notifications are sent directly to carers’ smartphones, allowing them to keep track without intruding and offering greater peace of mind.

SECOM’s team of security engineers supports SECOM Smart Wellness from installation through to servicing and repairs. Their team ensures there is little to no downtime, allowing families to get the level of support they need from day one.

Alan Blake, Director of Sales and Marketing at SECOM Plc, said of the latest launch:

“Everyone at SECOM is immensely proud to deliver this new solution to the market. As we and our loved ones get older, it’s impossible not to think about how we’re going to cater for their care when the time comes. Coupled with a bleak economic forecast and the crisis of an ageing population, the stress can be overwhelming for some families.”

He continued, “SECOM Smart Wellness goes some way to alleviating these concerns by providing an effective, affordable solution for families looking to get the best care, whilst maintaining independence for themselves and their loved ones. It is our hope that this innovative suite of products provides further security for families. Not physically, but emotionally and economically as well.”

SECOM Smart Wellness is available for consultation and purchase from SECOM Plc. You can find out more about the product and related services here: 


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