30 Years Strong – Capturing The Perfect Blend!

An old adage proclaims that ‘’if nothing changes, nothing changes’’. It would certainly not be possible, on any level, to accuse Cad-Capture Group of failing to move with the times; indeed, for this long-established Lancashire based company, the watchword has always been – and continues to be – innovation.

2017 has been a very special year for Cad-Capture, marking the 30th anniversary of its launch by founder and group chief executive Simon Watts. After Simon had imported a revolutionary engineering drawing scanning and CAD conversion system from the USA, Cad-Capture became the first large-format document scanning bureau in the UK. The provision of CAD solutions has continued to be a priority over the past 30 years, during which time thousands of organisations from both the private and public sectors have benefitted from Cad-Capture’s expertise on a global scale. The company’s scope has continued to evolve and expand over the past three decades, with clients now able to access a range of services and specialist software solutions, including consultancy, space analysis, building and asset surveys, document scanning, CAD conversion, intelligent CAD modelling and asset management data synchronisation.

Notwithstanding the work in the CAD arena, more recently Cad-Capture has become well known for OccupEye, its world-class smart workspace technology solution. OccupEye was conceived in response to client requirements in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of almost a decade ago, when the need to monitor workplace utilisation suddenly took on a much greater urgency. OccupEye, with its wireless sensors transmitting valuable utilisation data allowing clients to view the reporting via the unparalleled OccupEye Dashboard cloud-based software. OccupEye is a trailblazing solution, supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution.

Since its launch in the early part of this decade, OccupEye has transformed space utilisation analysis and helped numerous organisations, regardless of size, sector and location, to improve utilisation efficiency and thus realise significant cost savings. Moreover, as an entirely anonymous solution concerned with monitoring how efficiently workspaces and meeting rooms are used rather than who is occupying them, it offers total peace of mind to employers, staff and trade unions. The ultimate ‘invest to save’ solution, OccupEye has also enabled organisations to make informed decisions regarding future property arrangements e.g. rationalisation and repurposing.

To date, the largest OccupEye deployment (indeed, the world’s largest deployment of utilisation sensors for a single client) has been with one of the largest international banks, where close to 50,000 sensors have been deployed globally to date. All in all, this deployment of OccupEye has been instrumental in helping the bank to save around £35 million in real estate during the past year as reported by Bloomberg. Unsurprisingly, OccupEye has proved extremely popular with organisations across all sectors, from universities, NHS, local and central government, to blue-chip private sector organisations in the City of London.

Far from resting on its laurels after three decades of cutting-edge innovation, Cad-Capture is a company with its eyes very much on the future. That said, Simon Watts felt it important to mark the milestone by holding a day of celebrations at Haydock Park racecourse last month in a VIP executive box for all the staff. After all, as Simon said as he reflected on the past 30 years, he and the company could not have survived without ‘fantastic teamwork and the support of many incredible people’.

Certainly, with an expansive recruitment programme seeing an increase in staff on all three sides of Cad-Capture (OccupEye, Asset Management and Software Solutions), there is little doubt that a company renowned for the expertise, integrity and sincerity of its staff is preparing in earnest for the next 30 years. The longest serving employee for Cad-Capture, after founder Simon, is approaching his 27th year! It is only fitting that the last word should go to the group CEO, Simon Watts himself:

‘’I am fairly certain that I won’t be here for the next 30 years but, however long it is, I intend to make the most of it! What I can say for certain is that, for all our innovation and the success it has brought us, we are only as good as our people and I am proud of all the staff who have played – and continue to play – a part in our journey to date.’’

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