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6 Biggest Facilities Management Companies in London

Facilities management (FM) companies play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of commercial and residential buildings. London, as a global business and financial hub, hosts a myriad of these firms, ranging from local specialists to international giants. This article explores the biggest facilities management companies in London, their services, and how they stand out in a competitive market.

1. Mitie Group PLC

Mitie stands as one of the most prominent facilities management companies in the UK, with its headquarters in London. Founded in 1987, Mitie provides a wide range of services, including engineering services, security, cleaning, environmental services, and property management. What sets Mitie apart is its commitment to leveraging technology to enhance its services. The company has invested in developing digital platforms such as MiTec, its technology centre in Northern Ireland, to deliver smart buildings and IoT solutions that improve efficiency and sustainability.

2. Compass Group PLC

Compass Group, although primarily known as a global leader in food services, also offers extensive facilities management services under its subsidiary, ESS. ESS delivers comprehensive FM solutions to government buildings, military bases, and offshore platforms, including catering, cleaning, and security services. Compass Group’s global presence and extensive experience in various sectors allow it to provide tailored FM solutions that meet the unique needs of each client, making it a key player in London’s FM market.

3. CBRE Group, Inc.

CBRE stands out for its global footprint and comprehensive real estate services, including facilities management. With its UK office in London, CBRE offers integrated FM solutions that cover everything from technical services and energy management to soft services like cleaning and security. CBRE’s strength lies in its deep market insights and real estate expertise, enabling it to offer strategic FM solutions that align with clients’ broader real estate objectives. The company’s focus on sustainability and innovation further positions it as a leader in the London market.

4. Sodexo

Sodexo is a global giant in the FM sector, known for its integrated services that improve the quality of life of its clients and customers. In London, Sodexo offers a broad spectrum of facilities management services, including catering, cleaning, technical maintenance, and security services. Sodexo differentiates itself with a strong focus on sustainability and wellbeing, implementing programs that promote healthy living, diversity, and environmental stewardship. Through its Better Tomorrow 2025 corporate responsibility roadmap, Sodexo commits to making a positive impact on individuals and the communities it serves.

5. ISS Facility Services

ISS is a leading global provider of facility services, with a strong presence in London. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services, including cleaning, catering, security, property, and support services as well as facility management. ISS’s approach is centred on creating places that work, think, and give, aiming to enhance the workplace environment and thereby increase productivity. Through its unique Integrated Facility Services model, ISS delivers tailor-made solutions that ensure operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

6. Engie

Engie is a global energy and services group with a significant focus on low-carbon energy and services. In London, Engie provides a wide range of facilities management services, from technical and building maintenance to energy efficiency and sustainability solutions. Engie’s approach to FM is unique in that it combines its energy expertise with traditional FM services to offer innovative solutions that reduce environmental impact and enhance building performance. This dual focus on energy and FM allows Engie to support its clients in achieving their sustainability goals while ensuring the optimal functioning of their facilities.


The facilities management landscape in London is diverse and competitive, with companies offering a range of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of their clients. The biggest facilities management companies in London, such as Mitie Group PLC, Compass Group PLC, CBRE Group, Inc, Sodexo, ISS Facility Services, and Engie, play an integral role not only in maintaining and optimising the operations of existing buildings but also in shaping the sustainability, efficiency, and comfort of new build homes, ensuring these properties are well-managed and sustainable from the outset. By leveraging technology, focusing on energy efficiency, and prioritising the wellbeing of the communities they serve, these companies not only ensure the efficient operation of buildings but also contribute to creating healthier, more sustainable environments. As London continues to grow and evolve, the role of facilities management companies in shaping the future of the city’s built environment will undoubtedly remain indispensable.

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