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Industries across the UK are facing major supply restrictions, even small parts can cause a knock-on effect to a larger project and impact on service levels.  The supply chains have been hit by a shortage in materials as well as the delays in the ports due to shipping container shortages.  This is on top of the commodity prices rising across multiple areas due to huge demand for products. 

This has been seen to an extent in the waste industry too, where the high demand for skips has led to longer lead times and higher prices.  Along with the material shortages, this can result in delays to work.  As planned maintenance work can be rescheduled, the back log of work continues to grow.  

But in contrast to this, HIPPO continues to provide an instant and accessible proposition to support your waste disposal needs.  We maintain a large stock holding in the UK of HIPPOBAGs which are ready to be delivered to a warehouse or operatives with short notice, giving you the confidence that there is a reliable solution readily available.  You can then store these flat packed HIPPOBAGs either in a van or a chosen location, so that the bag is instantly available when required.  It both saves on waiting times for skips as well as giving you full flexibility in late changes to your schedule. 

On top of the benefits in the current climate, using HIPPOBAGs to deal with your irregular waste streams and ad hoc waste events will provide you with a number of other benefits too. Whilst regular bins are simply too small, large skips can take up too much space, take too long to fill and can be costly, HIPPOBAGs can provide the balance you need. Our service is not a regular scheduled waste collection covered by a bin contract, you can use us for unexpected waste events whenever you need us. And instead of you needing to have multiple contracts you can benefit from one simple solution with standardised pricing and a standardised service nationwide.

Our HIPPOBAGs can be filled with heavy and bulky waste and are ideal for applications where a skip or larger container is not appropriate, like awkward locations or areas with access restrictions such as lifting over fences and walls. HIPPOBAGs are non-bulky, lightweight and come flat packed, meaning that space can be saved on-site and bags can be carried easily and stored in vehicles or on properties. In addition, HIPPO’s reliable, flexible and convenient service allows the segregation of different types of waste from your facilities. 

Alternatively where access to waste is restricted, or when you want us to clear the waste for you, our Man and Van service (known as ‘Here to Clear’) is the perfect solution. Our branded Transit Tipper vans are double manned with our professional HIPPO employees and can hold up to 14 yards or 1 tonne of waste.

This solution can often be ideal for reactive waste requirements too, our Here to Clear Reactive provides rapid removal of unplanned waste – such as fly-tipping, emergency repair or site clearance. This form of waste can cause a number of issues, but with one nationwide solution and standardised service you can rest assured knowing that the waste will be swiftly and professionally removed.

We work with organisations of every size so rest assured that whatever your requirement we can offer a fantastic solution to meet your business needs.

Further information can be found on our website www.hippowaste.co.uk/business.  If you have any questions or would like any more information on the services HIPPO can offer then please feel free to contact our sales team at enquiries@hippowaste.co.uk or call 02393 871911. 

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