A virtual look into the world of air filtration

Camfil has launched a Virtual Reality (VR) experience to help its customers understand the benefits and correct usage of air filtration. ‘The Camfil Experience‘ brings to life the invisible threat of particulate matter, while providing training for building services and maintenance engineers focusing on the correct way to specify, install, maintain and change air filters to ensure safety and efficiency.

Fully immersive, the virtual experience allows customers to choose and interact with the areas that are of interest to them, with options including:

  • A 360° tour following a particle around a city to see how it affects people, products and processes.
  • Air Handling Units (AHU), covering the different stages of filtration and how to choose the right solution to reduce costs.
  • Camfil filters, including HEPA, Gold Series Dust Collector and Hemipleat filters. Learn the key features and how to change out these products in a clean and safe environment.

Virtual education

Camfil’s VR experience will educate users about the effects of particulate matter, from compromising air flow in HVAC plant, to negatively impacting human health, with the smaller particulates (PM1 and below) being the most dangerous. Covering a range of applications; domestic, commercial, industrial and specialist industries, such as biopharmaceutical, this new tool provides an interactive way to understand the importance of air quality.

Virtual training

For the installation and maintenance teams charged with keeping air filtration equipment operational, ‘The Camfil Experience’ provides an invaluable tool that allows users to get a real feel for how equipment works and how to complete maintenance tasks, such as filter changes, safely and efficiently. With these filters trapping sometimes extremely harmful particulates, it is essential that they are handled with care; to avoid putting operatives and building occupants at risk. The VR world provides a completely safe environment to try out the processes before the ‘real thing’.

Mark Simmons, CEO for Camfil, said: “Camfil doesn’t just sell products, we work with our customers to make sure they understand our air filtration solutions and how to use them, from choosing the right product for the right application, through to installation and ongoing maintenance. Our VR experience further enhances these aims, using available technology to support the way we offer training and education, guiding customers through the journey of air filtration – a process that is so important for industry and human health.”

If you’re interested in ‘The Camfil Experience’ – ideal for users of HVAC filters, air cleaners, dust collection systems or clean room filtration – visit https://www.camfil.com/en/insights/innovation-technology-and-research/arrange-your-camfil-experience-todayto sign up. A trained Camfil representative will visit your place of work and showcase the VR tool. All respondents will be prequalified to ensure relevancy.www.camfil.com

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