Are You Ready For The Changes To The Gas Appliances Directive?

The Gas Appliances Directive (GAD) is changing.  From 21st April 2018 all products in the market will have to comply with the new Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR).  Nick Winton, Divisional Manager for Nortek Global HVAC UK Ltd explains more about the changes and the absence of any transition period.

 The EU GAD is changing and will be replaced by the new GAR.  The change moves away from having several country-specific requirements and replaces them with one consistent set of rules across the entire European Union and associated free trade areas.

After two decades in use, review is desirable to ensure the regulations are fit for purpose.  In a modern world the GAD has some particular shortcomings in terms of how it deals with standards, regulations and the role of Notified Bodies.

Placing a CE Marking on products means that it has been declared as complying with all applicable regulations.  The CE Marking of gas appliances is currently regulated by the EU Gas Appliances Directive (GAD) (2009/142/EC).  This will be replaced by the Gas Appliances Regulation (GAR) (EU 2016/426) which comes into effect from 21st April 2018.

Other CE Marking directives that may also apply to gas appliances are unaffected and will continue to apply (if they did so previously).

This change will impact everybody in the gas appliances and fittings supply chain within the EU, including manufacturers (supplying to the EU), importers, distributors and even retailers.

The Gas Appliance Regulation requires manufacturers to ensure products comply with ‘state-of-the-art’ EN standards together with mandatory risk assessment. This includes a maximum 10-year validity period on CE certification from the first date of issue. It also requires the Notified Body and the manufacturer to stay informed of changes to the “state-of-the-art” and update appliances as needed to ensure they still meet essential regulatory requirements.

How Does Brexit Affect This?

The new regulation comes into force at least one year before the UK leaves the EU.  Current understanding is that the EU regulations will be subsumed into UK law with little evidence that the GAR would not be included in this approach.

Nortek have a wide range of products that the GAR applies to.  Our aim is to ensue that each and every one of our products is compliant with the new legislation.  Please do not hesitate to contact Nortek with any queries or questions about this new directive.  Tel: 01384 489700  or visit www.nortekhvac.com/europe

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