Avire launches first emergency telephone programmed at touch of a button

Memco C100 designed to be installed quickly and easily

Leading provider of lift safety and communication systems Avire has developed the first emergency telephone that can be programmed at the touch of a button.

The Memco C100 features a removable programming unit which makes the programming process easy thanks to a built-in keypad and backlit LCD display. The unit retains programming details, so any further installations can be programmed with a single push of a button.

As field costs account for a large proportion of the overall costs of investing in emergency telephone systems, Avire has designed the C100 to be installed quickly and with a reduced scope for programming errors. The programming unit uses tick boxes and drop-down menus instead of codes, providing both visual and audio feedback throughout the programming process. To save time, the emergency telephone is installed via the car operating panel (COP) using a simple ‘plug and play’ system.

Free Memco emergency telephone receiver (ETR) software can receive emergency and test calls, and monitor equipment, for over 5,600 lifts per system, reducing the number of site visits required to investigate a fault. The combination of the ETR software and the programming unit’s LCD screen enables problems to be identified more quickly and easily. The ETR software also allows for the remote programming of telephone units.

The C100 is available in three versions: base (behind the COP), surface mount and flush mount. Featuring integrated backlit pictograms and emergency lighting, the telephone is fully compliant with EN81-28 and EN81-70. Tel: +44 (0) 1628 540100
Email: pr@avire-global.com Website: www.avire-global.com

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