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Battery Recycling doesn’t have to cost the earth

The UK disposes of over 600 million batteries a year- it’s a frightening figure when you consider less than 45% by weight are recycled according to figures recently published by the Environment Agency. Lead Acid batteries, for which a rebate is usually paid, made up over half the weight collected despite accounting for only 4% of the weight put on market. The concern here has to be that that other chemistries with associated treatment costs appear to have been stockpiled or disposed of by other means possibly in the General Waste stream for landfill. The’throwaway economy’ is not free when you consider the cost to the environment. Many batteries contain dangerous and toxic elements such as lead,cadmium, zinc, lithium, alkalis, acids and mercury which can leach into the soil and/or water courses making their way into aquatic ecosystems and then into the food chain. Although plastics are a much more visible pollutant in our Oceans gaining worldwide TV coverage we should surely consider dumping batteries as just as much a significant danger to environment.

MercuryRecycling has invested in its reprocessing capabilities that operate to very high standards, ensuring that all and every battery collected is handled, treated and reprocessed with little or no impact on the environment.

MercuryRecycling has and continues to help divert toxic metals from electronic, electrical, lighting and batteries. It has seen major growth in battery collections and is undertaking significant investment for its battery recycling services. Now is the ideal time for businesses, FMs and Waste Managers to consider clearing out any stockpiled volumes of spent batteries or setting up a collection service in their building. Mercury Recycling can tailor services to suit your requirements.

For specialist advice or quotations please contact Graham Mitchell or Alex Joannides on 0161 888 1562.

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