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Benefits of professional flood damage cleaning in sports facilities

ICE Cleaning is a specialist flood damage cleaning company with years of experience in the field. They can effectively treat and remove contaminated water, tackling the issue at its source.

In this article, the experts discuss the benefits of professional flood damage cleaning in sports facilities to enable businesses to get their operations back to full capacity.

Minimising disruption to everyday activities

If you have experienced flooding in your sports facility, it could have widespread disruption on daily activities. For instance, the gym and sports ground could be deemed inaccessible if they are full of water. 

Luckily, professional cleaning companies can provide emergency services to deal with any water damage, both indoors and outdoors. At ICE Cleaning, the specialists use a variety of equipment to dry out the water and handle the issue efficiently.

With a risk assessment being carried out before work begins, the teams will know what tools are suitable for the job, and how to achieve the best results for your individual situation.

Protect visitors’ health

Following flooding, other issues such as mould can quickly develop. In the right circumstances, this fungus forms within 24-48 hours and spreads rapidly throughout the environment, decomposing organic matter to help it thrive.

This, as well as dangers associated with contaminated water, will be a priority to prevent for facility managers. ICE Cleaning are specialist mould remediation cleaners, able to significantly improve the air quality in your premises and return it to a safe environment. 

Should visitors become ill from visiting your site, you will quickly lose customers. This could call into question your business reputation in the wider sports community and make it more difficult to attract visitors in the future.

Limit damage to building and equipment

Acting quickly to remove flood damage will help to limit any harm caused to the building or equipment. The structural integrity of your premises can come into question if damage is severe enough too.

Sports equipment is often costly to remove, but if you call the professionals promptly when you have been hit by a flood, you may be able to save some of the machinery. For instance, if the water damage is due to a leak, then the cleaning experts will deal with it in a time-efficient manner.

Being proactive in this situation can mean more significant repairs are not needed because the damage has had minimal chance to spread. Additionally, this will reduce the downtime you suffer as a result of this problem.

It’s important to remember that flood damage may also result in potential fire risks from electrical hazards. The consequences of a fire outbreak can be grave, and could result in the collapse of small businesses who may not be able to afford the cost of repair work.

For more information on the services provided by ICE Cleaning, take a look at their website.

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