Build up energy savings by optimising your facility

Throughout 2017 it was difficult to ignore the rising energy costs experienced across the UK, especially due to increasing emphasis on transitioning to a sustainable, green energy future. The effects of this are felt most by commercial high-energy users, particularly those operating a wide range of electrical equipment for extended periods. These businesses in particular require significant energy consumption and therefore have significant energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Additionally, societal and governmental pressures to deliver low-carbon energy strategies, as well as the looming Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation set to take effect on 1st April 2018, places mounting pressure on facility managers and commercial landlords to ensure buildings are operating as efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of energy saving technologies facilities can implement to produce tangible reductions to energy consumption, carbon footprint, and energy costs. Voltage optimisation, for example, can achieve this by lowering the incoming supply to an optimal level to meet the requirements of a site’s equipment.

This method is effective because, across the UK, voltage is frequently supplied at a higher voltage than is required by commercial properties, resulting in surplus supply voltage causing energy, and money, to be wasted.

Voltage optimisation is a globally recognised and proven technology, especially when employed as a fully bespoke solution based on a site’s unique requirements. Whilst off-the-shelf voltage optimisation solutions can provide some palpable savings, they may not be best suited to a site’s needs leading to underwhelming results, especially when compared to a bespoke solution.

The global market leader in providing this technology, with 100% guaranteed results, is Powerstar. Currently in its 17th year of trading, Powerstar has assisted thousands of facilities to achieve significant energy consumption, CO2 and cost savings, without compromising business operations, by implementing a fully bespoke, engineering led, concept to completion solution, tailored to independently gathered customer data, for optimal results.
By undertaking a thorough site survey and evaluation of a customer’s voltage profile, Powerstar can manufacture the most appropriate solution to deliver the best results for the customer from its facility in South Yorkshire which is accredited with the prestigious Made in Sheffield accolade and multiple accreditations in acknowledgement of the quality of its manufacturing process.

To find out more about Powerstar’s award winning technology, or to arrange a free, no-obligation, site survey, call the Sheffield-based head office on 0114 2050770, email or visit

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