Change to government procurement policy to benefit organisations creating social value

Statement from CLARITY-The Soap Cọ.

CLARITY-TheSoap Cọ. is very encouraged at the announcement from Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington regarding new government procurement measures: “It isright that we use government’s purchasing power to benefit society,” says Lidington.

In a speech to the Business Services Association in central London, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office, David Lidington, announced that by summer 2019, government procurements will be required to take social and economic benefits into account in certain priority areas. These include supporting small businesses, providing employment opportunities for disadvantaged people and reducing harm to the environment. Lidington says, “We are determined to build a society where people from all parts of our country have access to the best public services.”

Camilla Marcus-Dew Head of Sustainable Growth CLARITY-The Soap Cọ.: “We’re confident that many more purpose-driven businesses will begin to supply government departments, like we have with BECỌ, in the near future. Perhaps more than any in other sector, the government understands the value to the individual, to the community, society and the Treasury of social enterprise, and in particular how procurement decisions can boost social impact.

“Working with the Cabinet Office has made a massive difference to our social enterprise – enabling us to grow and boost our revenue so we can continue to support many more vulnerable people with disabilities and long-term health conditions across our five sites in the UK.”

By summer 2019, government departments will be required in their procurement to consider social value, priorities to include:

• helping access for small businesses

• helping access for businesses owned by under-represented groups

• increased representation of #disabled people in the workforce

• reduced environmental impact

This is a major business development opportunity for social enterprises to bring ever more positive social impact. If you would like your business to take the lead on creating social value in your procurement chain, switching your soap for social good please contact Clem at call 0209 078 8950. We produce over 1.2 million units per year from our factory and are one of about a dozen social enterprises in the UK that can provide to corporates at scale.

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