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Choosing Your Ideal London Handyman

What To Look Out For When Selecting The Right Professional

If you need some jobs completing around the home, or have an emergency callout situation on your hands, make sure you have the number of a great handyman!

Whether you have a portfolio of rental properties that need regular maintenance, or just require a professional to visit your own home to carry out a string of minor repairs you’ve been putting off, Londoners will always need the details of an experienced handyman in their phone. But how can you distinguish the cowboys from the professionals? Those that will overcharge and do a shoddy job, in comparison to those that provide quality, long-lasting results? The answer is to find a reputable company who prides themselves on excellent response times, and top-class workmanship. Such a company will prioritise the following points to ensure their customers are more than satisfied.

Transparency Of Rates

A reputable company will charge a fixed set of rates rather than changing their prices depending on the job and the client. Their fees should be clearly visible from your initial contact with them, and aside from having to add VAT, you shouldn’t have to pay for their parking or congestion charges on top unless they’ve been factored in to your initial quote. It would be acceptable to pay for a one-hour minimum charge, and then be charged in increments if your job runs over the first hour. Many companies will then charge you in 30 minute increments, so if you find a handyman in London who charges per 15 minutes, then this is a much fairer arrangement.

Turning Up On Time

Life in London is hectic and many of us have to arrange time off work when we want to hire a handyman to carry out jobs around the home. Which is why it’s so infuriating when you arrange for someone to come out and they’re either late or don’t turn up at all. Ensure that you hire a handyman who prioritises response times – by attending emergencies rapidly as well as keeping to schedule for more regular appointments.

Customer Reviews

Word of mouth is an essential tool that customers can use to select the best handyman in the area. People are always happy to recommend when they’ve had a great experience from a job, and the opposite is also the case. Professional firms understand the importance of keeping their customers on side, which is why the best companies offer customer loyalty rewards with various incentives. This arrangement benefits everyone – not only does the handyman firm benefit from repeat business, but the customer can be assured of a quality job each time they arrange a call out.

Range Of Services

Of course, there will be times when you need to hire a professional who offers more than one specialty. So instead of looking just for a plumber, you may also require an electrician or carpenter to attend your home too. By using a London handyman company who can offer a range of services, you won’t need to spend your valuable time and money shopping around for multiple different professionals to carry out your work. Furthermore, by using one company, you’ll either receive a visit from a single contractor with the necessary skills to carry out all of your jobs; or else multiple contractors may be sent to you, but all coordinated back at the office for maximum convenience to the customer.

Many of us have made hiring mistakes in the past with our choice of contractor and have learned from experience that if someone wants to be paid cash with no contract, then this is a recipe for disaster. For a truly professional service, do your research and use an established company with transparent rates and excellent reviews to guarantee quality.

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