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Comfortable and safer interior environments with Selectaglaze secondary glazing

A good internal environment provides a sense of wellbeing. Factors that contribute towards this include a comfortable temperature, acceptable noise level, and a secure setting. Selectaglaze secondary glazing is used to enhance the thermal, acoustic and security performance of existing windows. As a reversible adaptation it is generally acceptable for Listed buildings as the bespoke treatment of all windows is sympathetic to the original features and ambiance of a building. 

Well-designed secondary glazing systems offer a cost-effective method of almost eliminating draughts, retaining more heat and keeping unwanted external noise out. This will lead to a more comfortable space and a helpful reduction in energy bills with heat loss reduced by up to 65%. These measures make a building assist with the wider commitment to carbon reduction. 

Many buildings are located close to transport links and in busy town centres where outside noise levels are high. Selectaglaze secondary glazing set 100-150mm from the primary window and fitted with standard glass can substantially reduce noise levels by 42-45dB and even higher levels if a heavier glass is chosen. 

The Police security initiative, Secured by Design (SBD), improves both the security of buildings and their surroundings. Windows are particularly vulnerable to break-in but secure secondary glazing, accredited by SBD after rigorous testing, provides a robust barrier. Selectaglaze systems are available with a range of security levels, the highest matching the resistance of bars or grilles but avoiding the building looking like a fortress.

Founded in 1966, Royal Warrant Holder Selectaglaze offers noise insulation, improved building energy performance, and certified security for all building types. Selectaglaze units are fully fabricated in-house and delivered to site by Selectaglaze installation teams. Many schemes will include wall insulation and the secondary glazing can fit within this to become an integral part of the overall design.

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