Compressed Air Pressure and Leak Testing Guide

BCAS has made its “Pressure and Leak Testing of Compressed Air Systems Best Practice Guideline” free to download from its website

Says Tim Preece, BCAS Technical Officer, “One of the major ways that you can reduce the energy consumption and therefore cost of a compressed air system is by identifying leaks and taking action to reduce them.  A 3mm hole for example could cost your organisation over £600 per year in wasted energy.

“This best practice guide covers the most commonly encountered commissioning situations where you need to establish the compressed air system’s safety and efficiency.”

The 18-page guide outlines the importance of choosing the right supplier and assessing their competence, agreeing an acceptable leakage rate and the procedures for testing both new and existing installations.

Continues Preece, “It is vital to have an ongoing leak test and repair programme.  To monitor the leakage rate, you should consider installing permanent flow metering, which is also an effective way of identifying any changes in consumption which need further investigation.”

BCAS has made a number of its best practice guides for compressed air systems free to download.  They include industry specific guides, advice about standards and legislation and best practice guides for maintenance and installation.

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