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Cori-Seal® Systems highlights the hidden fire safety dangers within schools and commercial buildings

 Cori-Seal® is an innovative new solution for missing smoke stoppers within existing schools and buildings that have trapezoidal perforated decks or beams within its structure.   Due to recent growing concern regarding fire safety within the built environment, Cori-Seal® Systems Ltd have developed Cori-Seal® to help protect existing buildings.

It has been quoted that out of a 1000 schools inspected by Zurich Municipals, 2/3 or 66% of these schools where rated as ‘poor’ for fixed fire products such as sprinklers.  In recent times Firefighters have been called out to 2000 school fires in the last three years, which is a staggering 40 per month*.  Both go to prove that fire safety within existing schools is critical and needs to be urgently reviewed and re-addressed.

One reason that Cori-Seal® was developed is due to parent company Thameside Fire Stopping Ltd discovering that many buildings do not have smoke stoppers fitted into their decking (see image 1).  With smoke stoppers not being fitted into the roof it will affect the means of escape and allow smoke to travel into emergency escape routes.  Smoke stoppers cannot be retro fitted without major upheaval and costs, so there is no alternative for a complete seal to combat this hidden danger.

 Cori-Seal® is the perfect answer, it is easy to apply in most cases and is simple to use.  It works by applying a patented material over the trapezoidal perforated decks to block smoke travelling into the escape routes (see image 2). The patented solution is fire tested and has been proven to work at 600°C for 30 minutes.   

With many schools and commercial buildings lacking compliance products to aid means of escape during a fire, it can be seen that Cori-Seal® is the ideal solution.

For more information:

Website: www.cori-seal.co.uk
Email: info@cori-seal.co.uk
Enquiries: 01634 713535

*Pre-Covid and lockdown figures.

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