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Creating secure office environments with Selectaglaze secondary glazing

A good work environment provides a sense of wellbeing and encourages efficiency. However, securing the contents within the workplace is equally of paramount importance; be it physical high value objects, highly sensitive data or the employees inside. If this is the case, secondary glazing could provide a welcome and secure addition to workplace design.

Under physical attack, secondary glazing works by providing a second barrier to entry. At lower risk levels, it must prevent manipulation of the locks and catches or removal of the glass or glazed panels. As the performance increases, it must resist levering or use of cutting tools including penetration of the glazing, which at higher risk levels will be a sophisticated combination of glass, resin and polycarbonate.

Secondary glazing can protect office workers and contents from the effects of an explosion by containing the flying shards of glass from the breakup of the primary window. Fixings, frame, locks and glass are all designed to work in harmony deflecting and yielding to absorb the blast wave. PVB interlayers are used in the laminated glass composition to stretch and contain the blast.

Protection from firearm attack is achieved by several layers of glass of various thicknesses laminated together. The front layers of glass are designed to shatter, thereby absorbing the initial impact energy, subsequent glass and interlayers absorb the lower level shockwaves. 

Fire-resistant glazing provides a protected escape route for office staff. Specialist glass, together with fire and intumescent seals set within appropriate framing, resists the intense heat of a fire.

Various offices have been treated with Selectaglaze secondary glazing, from more basic levels of security like Secured by Design to enhanced security.

Established in 1966 and Royal Warrant Holder since 2004, Selectaglaze has a wealth of knowledge from working on all building types from new to Listed. 

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