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Facilities recycling redesigned by Method

Method have redesigned recycling to make your space even more effective.

They are the makers of visible, flexible and beautiful recycling bins found globally. Co-founders Steven and India Korner spent three years mastering Method’s award-winning products and recyclable packaging – holding focus groups, preparing prototypes, and even assisting cleaners on night-shifts.

All of this hard work paid off, resulting in the colour-coded and ultimately behaviour-changing Method 60L Office Recycling Bins; that connect together to form adaptable recycling stations. A patented Bag Retainer System holds liners in place and hides them from sight for a beautiful finish.

Method opened their first London office in September, after working with prestigious organisations such as Foster + Partners, the Design Council and a British venture capital firm. Since launching they have seen a great response given the current trend towards zero waste to landfill.

But more than their bins, they have pioneered the idea of Open Plan Recycling – a solution for the facilities of the future.

What is Open Plan Recycling?

With Method’s leading philosophy, sustainable practice becomes part of the furniture – visibly out in the open, beautiful and considered. Instead of under desk bins where waste is not separated, Methods central recycling stations are effectively behaviour changing.

The Method system benefits every step of your facility’s waste process of your business. Cleaners save time servicing communal recycling stations rather than individual desk bins; management can assert their corporate sustainability goals visibly and effectively through beautiful recycling bins out in the open.

Further, employees are motivated to change their behaviours at work and subsequently at home, united by a larger purpose. Most importantly, waste service providers will receive waste that has been accurately sorted at source.

“Our recycling solution is a game-changer in facilities management,” says Method Recycling co-founder Steven Korner. “Our knowledge of design and our passion for sustainability have helped us reimagine the look and functionality of office bins. The results so far have been outstanding.”

Introducing the 60L Office Recycling Bin

Method believes that better workplace habits create a better world; their signature product, the 60L Office Recycling Bins, help modern facilities divert waste from landfill to make a visible difference. Colours, icons, and lids (Open or Touch) can be customised for your space with an adaptable system that effectively changes behaviour for better waste separation. The Method bin’s defining features have been informed and inspired by its users – optimally sized for recycling in modern spaces and workplaces.

Create your own Method Recycling Station

Method’s 60L Office Recycling Bins interlock to create adaptable recycling stations which are easily moved or expanded as your floor plan grows. It’s never been easier to add waste streams too, meaning that you can simply accommodate should the waste requirements of your region or service provider change.

The colour of Method’s waste streams have been reimagined to complement your aesthetic, while meeting the standards of the UK industry. It’s a system that’s simple to implement and that
can work effortlessly in any environment.

Complete the system with Method’s accessories

To complement your Method Recycling Stations, Method offer HD Connectors that are engineered to seamlessly lock the bins in place. Arrange your bins back-to-back, in a line, or mount them to a wall with this tool, which can be easily extended with the HD Connector Expansion Kit. Save your cleaners time with this accessory that alleviates the pain of having to re-organise your bins on a daily basis, particularly in a high-flow space.

Method’s Precyclers offer a solution to individual desk bins and provide short-term desktop storage for paper, waste and recycling.

How they’ve helped the facilities management of the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust

The Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium in Australia needed a waste management system robust enough to be able to withstand a hospitality environment. They turned to Method for their creativity when it came to a collaboration on custom design and their clear, bright waste stream labelling.

“It is important to demonstrate a positive approach to reducing environmental impact,” says William Konya, Presentation Services Manager of the Sydney Cricket Ground. “The visual element of Method’s bins has been effective in garnering support for the recovery process.”

A long-lasting solution for the world’s biggest facilities

Method have helped influential businesses around the word recycle more, and waste less including; Qantas, Canva, KeepCup, Atlassian and more. Earlier this year, they completed their biggest North American order to date, sending one thousand recycling bins to a thought-leading facility in New York City.

Get in touch with Method to find a beautiful, flexible and effective waste solution for your facility.

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